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Monty Python & the Quest for the Holy Grail used footage and imagery from the film, as well as audio clips (some new) and featured an animated version of a scene never filmed entitled "King Brian The Wild". It's part adventure, part puzzle and part interactive movie.

You play as King Arthur, followed by your faithful servant Patsy and you travel from location to location in the game. In each location, there are a large number of clickable spots though finding them may well be difficult. Many, many of them will do different things at different times. In fact, the key to playing this game is patience. You may have to do something a number of times before you get the desired result. This is fun however, because many of the places give you different results each time you click there.

In each location, you have to find the swallow and shoot it, in order to gain it's coconut. You also have to find the special item (found by clicking your way through the dialogues and finding all the clickable areas of the scene), and eventually place a special item on the scene.

The game uses real scenes from the movie for backdrops. The video sequences have been nicely done frequently using the footage from the original film to fill in what is happening. As you place the special items, video sequences will be shown. You may then enjoy them again by looking at the Book of the Game.
The game also included a comical multiple-choice questionnaire which featured over a hundred questions, which one needed to complete in order to pass over the Bridge of Death.


  • Drop Dead - This is a variation of Tetris, as the bodies fall, you need to pack the grave as best you can. Bodies will keep falling faster, and the occasional one isn't quite dead yet, which makes moving it around more challenging.

  • Knights in Kombat - As King Arthur, you must defeat the Black Knight by slicing off his limbs as he zips around the area, the more limbs you cut off, the faster you go. As the Black Knight, you have to kill King Arthur from a first-person perspective. You will have to win as King Arthur to move on in the game.

  • Burn the Witch - You need to watch the sequence in which the witches burn and repeat the sequence yourself. Or fail and have one witch die when you do.

  • Catch the Cow - Those naughty Frenchmen are throwing cows at your party. You need to prevent your men from getting squished by clicking on them to turn them to the right.

  • Spank the Virgin - This is a variation of Whack-A-Mole. If you are good enough at this game, you get a special nude bonus round. The title of the game is pretty self-explanatory.


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