My thoughts on this game: VERY bizarre, but kinda charming.

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After Hardcorps: Rising stole my heart last week and got me in the mood for 2D platforming again, thought i'd check this game out - and even after playing for an hour it's pretty hard to describe this game.
First of all, and it's weird to say that it works in it's favor: it kinda feels like the production costs for this game were about 100 bucks. It feels SUPER cheap, but that kind of gives it so much charm, it's super camp and just totally over the top. The 'intro movie' for example, consists of three still images and one line of text (unvoiced, of course) in which the big bad guy says 'I WILL KILL YOU ALL!'. It's all pretty bizarre but yeah, just kind of hilarious in a good way. It's been a lot of fun just jumping online with a few other people and just slashing up a whole bunch of dudes.
The only thing I would comment on is that the demo, is apparently a TINY portion of the first level and you literally see absolutely nothing. Apparently it's not worth downloading, there are 12 stages and the game doesn't properly pick up til the 2nd or 3rd stage when you've got a few abilities and have leveled up a bit and such.
Edit: Had a good few hours with this game now, and this is actually a pretty decent game and quite a lot of fun. Very hack'n'slash-y, pretty satisfying unleashing some of the powers on a whole group of enemies!

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After a day with this game, I can say it's fantastic - if not taking a while to get used to.
..........................also, am I the only person who's bought/played this game or something?

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I played through the demo earlier, yeah it's short but it came across very well. I'm not super familiar with this genre but it feels really quick - movement, levelling and attacks all feel pretty snappy. I also like that the enemies die after 1 or 2 hits, keeps it moving. This might change later on in the game but I'm considering picking it up next time I have PSN money based on the demo alone.

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@vestigial_man: Seems like the demo is putting off loads of people (I didn't play it, I got paid the same day so I just cowboyed in there and bought it). Man, the more you play this game the more fun it becomes - when you have a whole bunch of spells and are just hacking away at the huge amount of enemies on the later levels (especially online), it's really awesome. The customization really keeps things fresh as well. This game is faaaaar from perfect, but it all comes together as a really, really fun experience! You really have to work together in the later levels so that's a cool to see, also.
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Only played the Demo.  
Overall it doesn't feel as good as Hard Corps, when I play the Samurai girl anyways (Can't compare guns to swords after all). 
I think the Red guy and the Purple (Blue?) girl have good abilities but I'm not digging the other two. 
I'm probably going to get it but I don't feel the need to buy it immediately. Maybe during a PSN sale?

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Loved the hell out of the demo but I'm waiting for the 360 version.
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@el_tajij said:

 " @vestigial_man: Seems like the demo is putting off loads of people   

It might be the length putting people off, the first stage (the demo) only lasts about 10-15 minutes and if there's only twelve stages... Not sure how much it costs but people might not want to cough up for something that may only last 3 hours.
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@vestigial_man: Some of the later stages are more along the lines of 35-45 minutes is what it feels like. I've only played stage 1-4 and then joined games in stage 6 and stage 8. It's pretty addictive to just jump in and start slashing!
@animateria: See where your coming from but It's really different to Hardcorps - the later stages require some pretty strategic ability use and stuff. I love both of these games though, they're very different!
Hardcorps is more of a classic run'n'gun and this game is closer to a........2d Diablo - meaning that careful timing with heals and defensive skills have to be taken into account along with all the slashing away, if that makes sense? Both great games in their own right, for sure though.
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It's fun. Not something that I'd play every waking minute, but it's something that I'd play with my buddies on a Sunday afternoon.

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Stage 9 is making me want to commit seppuku. 
This game is incredibly brutal.

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This and Hardcorps both look like games I would enjoy playing with friends, but I wouldn't pick this up myself. 
That's not to say I don't like games like these types of games, but neither of these seem like I would enjoy them. 
Hardcorps looks like it has messed up checkpointing, and the little cutscene of wings coming of the characters in Moon Diver every 10 seconds got annoying.
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@SlashseveN303: It's fun enough to play solo to just play the levels and pick up skills and stuff - especially since you don't have to worry about sharing powerups or which route to take (a lot of the stages have branching paths). The online is pretty sleek, I've had zero problems finding a game. The real place where the game shines for me is the controls, it's really fluid and just feels really good to play.
As for Hardcorps: Uprising, the checkpoints aren't that much of a issue, since - once you get the hang of the game you..........and I know this sounds kinda dumb but, you shouldn't really be dying. It's a lot like demon souls that in respect, it doesn't pull its punches, but it gives you what you need to learn. I dunno, I just really love both these games!
@ESREVER: Word! Some of those later stages are bruuuuuuuuuuuuuutal!
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@el_tajij: I haven't picked up the demo yet. Normally I would love to play games for myself, but right now I live in the UC Berkeley dorms and they cap me at 12GB a month. You don't give a man one of the fastest internet connections in America and then say you can't download anything! 
That being said smooth controls is definitely something I'd be interested in seeing for myself. As for Hardcorps how long would you say the learning curve is for that game to the point were you shouldn't be dying anymore? I assume it isn't like Demon's Souls in that the difficulty curve lasts throughout most of the game.
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@SlashseveN303:  Oh man, when I was living in halls in my first year of Uni I had the same problem - it's a bitch! :( Well you should know Moon Diver is 398mb and Hardcorps uprising is 1.2GB.
I'd say both these games have the same problem - they leave an AWFUL first impression. Which is why I think they don't demo/quicklook very well and seems to be putting off a lot of people. You really have to play them for a good 30 mins/hour to get the feel of them, it's a lot of fun. For the difficulty curve, Hardcorps's 'Rising mode' is a really good way to teach you - and the level design is pretty great so I personally feel there's a lot of replay value in each of the levels. The first time you die on a level the checkpoint feels incredibly unfair. But once you've got a handle on the bosses and the controls - including all the action moves (dodging, bullet reflecting and tackling and such), it actually feels like it all makes sense and just makes it all the more satisfying when you beat that boss that seemed hard-as-nails a moment ago. I guess I compare it to Demon's Souls in the way that, it's hard as nails, but the controls are great meaning 95% of the time you find yourself dying is because you've made a mistake, not because it's like 'Wow, this game is ridiculously unbalanced/unfair'.
Though don't get me wrong, there's plenty of times I've been playing both these games, messed up and it's been like 'ARGH, FUUUUUUUUUCK!'
@keyhunter: LOL? What's League of Legends got do with any of this?
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ARGH! Stage 12! Stupid crappy...ARRRRGH!
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@el_tajij: The final stage (at least what I hope is the final stage is freakin' ridiculous. Stage 12 is laser after laser, and then it does this Mario Bros mechanics where if you don't pick the right path, you loop through the level. (Like in that one Bowser Castle) 
Then it turns into a Mega Man style Boss Rush. 
You CANNOT play this game solo and expect to achieve any progress. Don't get me wrong, I love this game, or else I wouldn't have just spent the last 14 hours playin' through the same stages with Shirogane. But dear lordy, these stages are ruthless. 
I'm gonna go cry into Noel now. 
How far have you made it in this game?
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@ESREVER: Solo'd up to stage 4 boss so far and I keep messing up the GODDAMN jump onto a stone block and getting insta-killed. My excuse is that I'm playing this and Hardcorps back to back and the differences in movement keep throwing me off my game. .............honest! :(
Multiplayer wise I think I've played up to about stage 8 or 9? It gets SO FREAKING HECTIC when all those lasers start appearing, it was a random match but it really helped 'cause we had a Hitori who was specc'd out as a healer which helped a lot. I'm Tolby 'fo life though! ;)
From reading the gamefaqs forums it seems stage 12 sounds like a nightmare - I'm looking forward to it!
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@el_tajij: Yea, I couldn't solo past stage 5. The barrage of wasps made it impossible. I play a lvl 46 Tolby as well, and Shirogane rolls Hitori. I'm fairly certain I've done goofed on my stat speccing, though. Its just been us two in our journey. 
Its been awhile since a game has made me use the "strategic dying" tactic...
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i didn't even know this game existed. i always need 4 player games to play so hmmm i'll give the demo a look at even though i have no idea what this is 

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Wow, a new feelplus game? Sounds good to me. I might have to give this game a look.

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@ESREVER: Yeah the hitori I played with was level 30ish (I'm 27) and as far as I could see, she had dumped all her stats into MP, so was just healing everyone and grabbing all the MP orbs. No voice chat between us either, so it was mostly chaos. xD
I had a feeling you'd be a Tolby player as well, he seems the most........blazblue-ish? or maybe it's just me..... also, was just reading someone on gamefaqs has already solo'd stage 12. Dayam! Edit: Just realised that I still think Tolby seems the most blazblue-ish, EVEN THOUGH Seyfert looks identical to Ragna! :D
@AjayRaz: Apparantly the demo sucks - just to warn you!
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@ESREVER:  Just managed to beat stage 4 boss and stage 5 solo! BOOM! Those wasps were a rough fight, managed to get some lucky heals on myself there!
Edit: Solo'd up to stage 8 so far with my level 32 Tolby! NINJA MOOOOOOOOVES!!
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Just completed stage 12 with Shirogane.

That was one long ass stage. Luckily, the final boss was a push over.
 We still have no clue what that game was about.

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