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    Moon Knight

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    Moon Knight is Marc Spector after the Moon God Khonshu resurrects him. Trained as a mercenary and boxer with enhanced strength. At night, Moon Knight is a force to be reckoned with.

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    Born in Chicago, Illinois. Spector spends was heavily dedicated on being heavyweight boxer, a U.S. marine & as a mercenary. He becomes a strong minded and and very skillful fighter, and becomes great friends with a pilot named Jean-Paul DuChamp, whom he always called "Frenchie". As a team, the two worked in Egypt for Raoul Bushman. The group stumble upon a discovery which is an ancient temple that had artifacts of a statue of the Egyptian God Khonshu. The Archealogist crew was killed by Bushman so he can loot the items found, but Spector in response challenges Bushman in a fight. Nearly getting beaten to death, Spector is left to die in the cold desert night. Later that night egyptians who worship the God Khonshu find Spector in a weakened state and carry him to the temple. Dying in front of the statue of Khonshu, he has a vision of the god offering  him another chance at life if he becomes his avatar. Spector agrees and then wakes up and grabs the silver shroud that was on the statue and puts it on. He then again confronts Bushman but this time wins in a landslide. Going back to America with the Statue, he decides to become a crime fighter and makes a costume with the foundation of the silver shroud he obtained back in Egypt, calling himself Moon Knight.

    With all the money he obtained as being a mercenary he uses it create a millionaire persona called Steven Grant. Also creating another identity as a taxicab driver to keep in contact with the city hes gonna protect. Soon after he starting chasing down crime lords and criminals of all types quickly getting to meet other big heroes as the X-men and Daredevil.

    Fist Of Khonshu

    During this six-issue mini-seires, Spector left all three of his identities and was summoned to Egypt by the cult of Khonshu. They gave him a new arsenal of weapons that had a moon-themed to them. Such weapons were throwing discs and cresent-shape blades. Originally designed by Hawkeye when he was time traveling in ancient Egypt. Khonshu then appears to Spector and enters his body, Giving him effects such as superhuman strength based on the status of the moon.

    He later then helps the West Coast Avengers, but also looses his friendship with Frenchie. He ends up time traveling to 2940 B.C. to rescue the Avengers, where he discovers that his weapons were designed by Hawkeye. Then eventually joining and becoming a member of the West Coast Avengers. As well as starting a relationship with Tigra, which last through is his time spend on the team

    At a time, Khonshu is forced out of Spector's body by the Demon Hellstrom during a battle with the Phantom Rider. Spector talks to Khonshu, learining that it was he and not Moon Knight who wanted to joing the team and soon resigns. Going back he reunites his frienships with Frenchie and sets a new adventure of his own.

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