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    Moraff's Entrap

    Game » consists of 0 releases. Released 1990

    Get through the grid while avoiding robots

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    Moraff's Entrap is a strategy game where the goal is to lead your character through a 3D grid while avoiding robots that are chasing you.


    Your character can move horizontally, vertically, or diagonally by using the number pad on the keyboard.  Each time you move one space, the enemy robots also move one space.  If an enemy robot reaches you, then the game is over.  Your character has the ability to "burn" holes in the field by holding down the SHIFT key and pressing a direction.  He can fill holes by holding down the ALT key and pressing a direction.  By doing this, you are able to entrap the robots chasing you (hence the title of the game).  There are four different types of enemy robots, and some are smarter and have the ability to get through traps.


    The graphics in Moraff's Entrap are very advanced for a PC game that was released in 1991.  The game can play at up to 800x600, which was rare for a PC game at that time.  The playing field is re-rendered in 3D each time the player moves far away from the "camera," or off of the screen.  It can take a couple of seconds for the playing field to re-render, depending on the speed of the computer.  The game advertises an AMD-80C287 math coprocessor, which can increase the speed of rendering the playing field.


    Moraff's Entrap has no sound.

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