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    Morceau Oleander

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    Coach Morceau Oleander (known as "Morry") is in charge of Basic Braining at Whispering Rock Summer Camp in Psychonauts. He has an unforgiving attitude that whips young kids into psychic soldiers.

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    Morry Oleander is the lead instructor of Whispering Rock, and is constantly found wearing army garb and yelling in an authoritative voice. He teaches the kids basic braining, which serves as the basic tutorial and training for the game. The training takes the place of a battlefield, with plants made of bullets and enormous knives littering the landscape. He seems to have little faith in any of the children, making jokes about their "deaths" in his mind. (The children don't actually die in his mind, they are just kicked out of his psyche.)

    Later in the game, it is revealed that Morry was never actually in the army, or the navy, or the airforce, or even a group of military cooks. He was too short to be admitted into any of these organizations. This, coupled with the trauma from his childhood over his father being a butcher and killing his pet rabits for food, drive him to steal the children's brains and try to conquer the world. After he deals with the demons from his past (with help from Raz) he appears to be on the side of the Psychonauts again.


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