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Mordecai Toth is an Inquisitor in the Ordo Malleus branch of the Imperial Inquisition. Inquisitor Toth was dispatched to the Planet Tartarus to investigate the taint of Chaos. An Imperial Excavation Team unearthed a Chaos marker and the Ordo Malleus could not allow Chaos to take foothold on the citizens of Tartarus. The Chaos marker was clue to finding an ancient Chaos Artifact called the Maledictum. Armed with the mighty Daemonhammer: Godsplitter, the Inquisitor planned to destroy the Chaos Relic. Inquisitor Toth's time wasn't unlimited, because a warp storm was quickly approaching the planet.

An Ork invasion that hit the planet complicated the Inquisitors mission. To complicate matters further, the Space Marines, the Eldar, and the Chaos Space Marines were about to turn the planet into a battlegound. Toth had to stay focused, the Imperial citizens had to be evacuated, and the Maledictum destroyed.


Inquisitor Toth can be seen during the Space Marines ending in Warhammer 40,000: Dawn of War – Dark Crusade. He appears to be questioning Brother Captain Thule.

Mordecai Toth Quotes:

  • Inquisitor Toth: Colonel Brom, the captain and I must attend to matters of faith. If you would leave us please.
  • Colonel Brom: But surely this involves me as...
  • Inquisitor Toth: Forgive me for not being clear in the matter. I said please when in fact I meant now.

  • "It takes either steel or rot to willingly condemn your own world, your very family to the torch. I sensed the seed of chaos in your midst and you seemed too eager to uncover this planet's secrets."
  • "A daemonhammer, Godsplitter. We have always intended to destroy the daemon within the stone. Would we not appear the fools without the means to dispense our wills?"
  • "You are thinking of the traitor Isador. I render judgment on far more people than you can imagine, Captain. Trust me, you are not responsible for the strength or failings of others. It is not our lot to test their purity. We merely dispense the Emperor's justice when they fail.

Voice Actor:

Michael Dobson

Tartarus Inquisition (Spoilers Below)


The Inquisition was aware that the Planet Tartarus’ history was inexplicably intertwined with the forces of Chaos. The Ordo Malleus knew of the many black crusades launched to Tartarus by the denizens of the warp, the forces of Chaos. The Inquisition kept a constant watch over the planet to ensure that the planet would remain untainted and loyal to the Imperium. When an Imperial Excavation Team unearthed a Chaos Marker, Inquisitor Toth was dispatched to the planet to investigate. The marker was the first piece of a puzzle that pointed the way to a powerful Chaos Artifact, the Maledictum. Toth didn't have very much time to work, because a warp storm was rapidly approaching the planet.


An Ork Invasion, lead by Warboss Orkamungus, fell upon the planet Tartarus. Colonel Carus Brom and the Imperial Guard were quickly overwhelmed by the Ork invasion. The Blood Ravens' 3rd Company of Space Marines arrived to support the embattled Imperial defense force.

Inquisitor Toth knew of the 3rd Company's Force Commander, Captain Gabriel Angelos. Gabriel had recently requested the Inquistion perform an Exterminatus on the planet of Cyrene, due to the presence of Chaos Taint. Cyrene was Gabriel's home world. Ordering an Exterminatus on Cyrene, where Gabriel's family lived, took either "steel or rot." When you are an Inquisitor, every suspicion of heresy must be investigated. It seemed all too coincidental that Gabriel would be deployed to a planet with a Chaos artifact on it.


Inquisitor Toth decided to see for himself if Gabriel was after the Maledictum. Toth decided not to accuse Gabriel of heresy outright.  Although an Inquisitor is a powerful fighter and had access to the finest equipment the Imperium had to offer, a Space Marine could not be taken lightly. The less that the suspect knew, the better. If Toth could approach Gabriel as a fellow servant of the Imperium, then maybe Gabriel would be more forthcoming.

Toth requested to land his ship on the planet as if he had just arrived. He requested to rendezvous with Captain Gabriel and didn't tell him anything about the Maledcitum. He simply told Gabriel that there was a warp storm approaching, and that the planet Tartarus must be evacuated. Gabriel refused to pull the Blood Ravens out, and spoke of the presence of Chaos on the planet. Toth believed that his suspicions about Gabriel had been confirmed. The Blood Ravens had come to fight Orks, not Chaos. How could Gabriel know about the presence of Chaos? Could Gabriel really be guilty of heresy?

The Key

There was a key that was required to unlock the Maledictum. Anyone seeking the Maledictum would first have to attain the key. A contingent of Eldar, lead by Farseer Macha,  tried desperately to keep the key safe. After the key to unlock the Maledictum was stolen by a Chaos Space Marine Sorcerer from Alpaha Lerion named Sindri, Gabriel confronted Inquisitor Toth. Gabriel somehow found out that Toth was already on the planet before the Blood Ravens arrived. Inquisitor Toth had no choice, he had to explain the situation. He told Gabriel about the Maledictum. Toth told Gabriel that the Maledictum was a prison created by the Eldar to imprison a powerful demon.


Captain Gabriel ended up winning Toth’s trust when Gabriel killed the real heretic, Brother Librarian Isador. Toth was so focused on Gabriel that he was blinded to the real traitor. Now that Captain Gabriel Angelos was innocent, and a loyal servant of the Emperor, Toth gave Captain Angelos the Daemonhammer: Godsplitter. Inquisitor Toth tasked Gabriel to finish the job, and kill the agents of Chaos. Toth believed that Gabriel would be the one to bring the conflict to a conclusion. Toth was about to be proven correct.


The Chaos Space Marines were successful in finding the Maledictum.The Chaos Sorcerer Sindri was granted the powers and rank of a Demon Prince by the Chaos Relic. Armed with Godsplitter, Captain Gabriel defeated him. At Toth's behest, it was also Gabriel who destroyed the Maledictum. With the artifact destroyed and the warp storm quickly approaching, Toth evacuated Tartarus.

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