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    Sniper and revolver aficionado from Borderlands. One of the playable characters in Borderlands.

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    Mordecai is the hunter class from Borderlands.


    Mordecai's unique ability is releasing his pet Bloodwing to rain down the pain on enemies, increase money drops, or even steal health. Mordecai's skills focus heavily on Sniper rifles and revolvers.


    Mordecai is best described as a hunter. He is an agile character that uses a sword as his melee weapon and is an expert with the sniper rifle and pistol weapon classes. Mordecai's three base skill trees are that of the Sniper, Rogue and Gunslinger. Sniper increases his skill with sniper rifles and as well as gives him group experience bonuses; Rogue focuses on increasing the strength of his pet Bloodwing, as well as gaining loot, and Gunslinger improves his accuracy and skill using the pistol class of weapons (which includes Machine pistols, Mini handguns and revolvers).


    Although the Borderlands characters don't speak directly to NPCs, they do have sayings while in combat.

    When opening a chest:

    • "So, you want me to share huh?"
    • "I'll just take a gander here"
    • "Lady Luck, do be kind."
    • "Satisfaction abounds."
    • "Hmm...So many to choose from."
    • "Hm...What do we have here?"
    • "Don't mind if I do."

    When scoring a critical it:

    • "Boom! Hehehehehehe..."
    • "What? You didn't like that?"
    • "Did that hurt?"
    • "Feel it!"

    When scoring a kill on a "Badass" enemy:

    • "So big, so angry, so dead."
    • "Nothing like a challenging kill."
    • "I don't think he liked me."
    • "Another trophy for my wall."
    • "Not bad, not bad."

    When scoring a Bloodwing kill:

    • "Good boy!"
    • "Someone's getting a treat."
    • "Get 'em Blood!"
    • "You like my pet?"
    • "Give 'em hell, Bloodwing!"
    • "That's my boy!"

    When requesting a duel:

    • "You looking at Bloodwing? They lookin' at you, Blood?"
    • "C'mon, little girl. Make me laugh."

    When leveling up:

    • "Another notch on my rifle."
    • "Can it be? I'm getting even BETTER at this!"

    When spawning a vehicle:

    • "Let's get our feet out of the dust."
    • "We're going too slow."
    • "Time for a nice, relaxing drive."

    When requesting to swap (Gunner/Driver) seats in a vehicle:

    • "You can't hit shit!"
    • "Swap with me!"
    • "That's enough for you! Switch seats with me!"

    Moving the targeting reticle over a green item or better:

    • "Nice! Check that out!"
    • "Well shit, look at that!"
    • "Look at this!"

    When idle:

    • "Sure is great, standing here. I LOVE IT!"
    • "Now that you mention it, I DO love standing here doing NOTHING!!!"
    • "How long you gonna admire that dirt?"

    When down:

    • "Augh! Why? WWHHHYYYYYYYYYYYY!? Erugh..."

    When reviving an ally:

    • "What the Hell's wrong with you? Get UP!"
    • "Don't make me pick you up again!"
    • "Don't slip on your blood getting up. C'mon."
    • "I'm not getting paid enough to watch you fall down all day. Get up!"

    When out of ammo:

    • "I got no bullets!"
    • "Shit, out of ammo!"
    • "Sonofabitch! Out of ammo!"
    • "Someone give me ammo!"
    • "Out of ammo!"
    • "Damn! No ammo."
    • "I need more ammo."

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