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Mori, "the orange midget", together with his brother, Brucie, and Luis Lopez

Mori, like his younger brother Brucie, is a fitness addict. However, Mori is more arrogant, and spends most of his time annoying his little brother, whom he calls 'Little B'. Mori owns a financial holding company, and is extremely rich. It is suggested that the Kibbutz family are Jewish, as Mori shows a tattoo he has on his back, reading 'Kosher'. Also the word "Kibbutz" in Hebrew is a kind of a farming-villages in Israel - The Jewish State.

Mori is the shortest character in the game, though he annoys Luis, as well as Brucie. Mori believes he is the best at everything - something he attempts to prove to Luis by inviting him to a triathlon event. However, when Luis wins, he says he was trying to lose.

Unlike Brucie, Mori's muscle mass is more defined. Mori claims, amongst other things, that he achieved this naturally. Mori also says he owns better property than Brucie, and taunts him for spending the amount he did on his loft apartment and garage. Mori also claims to have joined the Israeli army at the age of eighteen. This further reinforces the theory the family is Jewish.


  • Kibbutz Number One
  • This Ain't Checkers
  • No. 3


Mori is one of the people who loaned money to Anthony Prince (otherwise known as Gay Tony), and he feels that Luis and Tony are in his debt for this. Tony asks Luis to meet him, to see what he wants. Mori chooses to get Luis to help him with some errands.

Mori's first request was for Luis to drive him to some drug dealers, who he ripped off in the past. However, due to the fact he ripped them off previously, they refuse to help him. Mori and Luis then kill the dealers and chase down the survivors in boats.

Mori then takes Luis to take part in a race, across land, sea and air - a triathlon. Competitors must skydive to a boat, drive the boat to a location, get a car, and reach the finish line. Upon winning, Mori says someone sabotaged his car, and that he wanted to lose.

Mori's final mission is to steal three cars: a Turismo, an F620, and a Bullet GT. Brucie, Mori, and Luis head to the location to collect the cars. Mori then calls the police, earning you a three star wanted level. He says this is to make things 'interesting'. You simply follow Mori and Brucie's lead, and you will be lead across some ramps, to where the mission is complete.

Out of debt, Luis can now speak his mind to Mori. Luis berates him over his arrogance, cruelty and stupidity. Mori, at first, ignores him and berates Brucie. Luis convinces Brucie to take a stand against his brother, and Brucie punches him in the face, breaking his nose. Brucie is apologetic to his brother for this, and walks his sobbing brother away.


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