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    From the Mass Effect franchise, Morinth is daughter of Samara and one of the three known Ardat-Yakshi, a genetic branch of Asari with a mating defect which results in the death of their partner. Morinth chooses to use this to dominate and destroy the minds of unsuspecting victims.

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    A character from the Mass Effect franchise who debuted in Mass Effect 2, Morinth is one of Samara's three daughters, all of them being Ardat-Takshi, meaning Demon of the Night Winds in an ancient asari dialect. A rare genetic disorder condition that only exists within pure blooded Asari. When all of the daughters reached maturity and discovered the fact that they all were Ardat-Takshi, they were given two choices, either live in solitude the rest of their life, or be executed. Morinth chose a third choice, to run away. Her choice forced Samara to become a Justicar to chase her down.


    Mass Effect 2

    During Samara's loyalty mission, with the help of Shepard, Samara finally tracks down Morinth to Omega. After investigating the death of a young artist named Nef, Samara finally catches Morinth and engages in a stand off. If Shepard is at a very high level of Paragon or Renegade, Shepard can choose to assist Morinth in killing Samara. If this occurs Morinth will join the crew of the Normandy in the guise of her mother. Otherwise Shepard will automatically assist Samara and Morinth will be killed.

    It is also possible to mate with Morinth after the suicide mission is complete (assuming Shepard survives). Morinth states that Shepard could not possibly die from the ritual because he/she is too strong. If Shepard agrees to mate with Morinth, Shepard will die, proving that Morinth was lying the whole time.

    Mass Effect 3

    Providing that Morinth is recruited over Samara and that they both survive the events of Mass Effect 2, Morinth is not seen or heard from (unlike Samara who features in the Monastery mission) until towards the end of the game in which Shepard and his team mates must survive and protect a pair of missiles designed to destroy a Reaper. Of all the Reaper enemies to attack Shepard, one of the Banshee (the Reaper form of an Asari), is Morinth, suggesting that Morinth was captured and converted into the monstrous form.


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    • Throw
    • Pull
    • Ardat-Yakshi
    • Dominate (Unlocked when character is loyal)


    Morinth is voiced by Natalia Cigliuti.


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