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    Morph Ball

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    One of Samus Aran's more famous and recognizable suit functions, allowing her to roll into a ball to fit into spaces normally inaccessible.

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    The Morph Ball is one of the most iconic items found in the Metroid series.  As a power-up, it's usually found very early in the course of each game.  In the original Metroid, the player merely needed to run one screen-length to the left from the very start in order to acquire it without a fight.  The item allows Samus's power suit to take the form of a small metal sphere, allowing her to roll through tight passages that would otherwise be inaccessible.  After she has found bombs, she can use them while in ball form to destroy barriers and damage enemies, as well as to propel herself upward into spaces too high for her to reach in her ball form.

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