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Morpheel is the boss of the Lakebed Temple in The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess.

Morpheel is a gigantic eel-like sea creature. It has a huge mouth with multiple layers

of sharp teeth, which is surrounded by a number of electrified tentacles. Morpheel's weak spot is a large eye which is first moved around inside the translucent tentacles, and later appears on its back. At the start of the fight, Morpheel's body is buried under the bed of the lake, with only the mouth and tentacles visible. Between the first and second stage of the fight, a cutscene shows Morpheel emerging from the lakebed to swim freely around the arena.

Morpheel's lair is a huge underwater cave, which is cylindrical in shape. Link drops into the lair through a trapdoor, he must then don his Zora armor and Iron Boots and descend for several seconds to reach the floor of the lair and initiate the fight. The Morpheel fight is unique in Twilight Princess in that it takes place entirely underwater. This means that Link is unable to use healing potions during the fight. Additionally there are no breakable jars containing hearts, as there are in most boss fights.


The key to defeating Morpheel is for Link to Clawshot its eye and attack this with his sword. In the first stage the eye is travelling through the tentacles, so the easiest way to do this is to edge toward Morpheel until Link is able to L-target the eye.
Link Clawshotting the eye in the first stage of the fight
Link Clawshotting the eye in the first stage of the fight
Straying too close will cause a tentacle to wrap around Link and drag him into Morpheel's mouth, an attack that removes a full heart of health. Once Link has dragged the eye to him, he must equip the iron boots and attack the eye with his sword.After the first time, Morpheel will start releasing bombfish to confuse Link's targetting. After Link attacks the eye for the third time, Morpheel emerges and the second stage of the fight begins.

In the second stage, Morpheel is swimming in circles around the arena. The eye now remains in position on its back. Straying too close will again cause a tentacle to drage Link into Morpheel's mouth. It will now also periodically suck in water through its mouth, creating a whirlpool that can drag Link in if he is in range. The easiest way to avoid this is to equip the Iron Boots when the attack animation starts; Link will sink to the bottom of the lake and out of range. To defeat Morpheel, Link should swim down from above, get close and Clawshot the eye. This will reel Link into position on Morpheel's back so he can use his sword to attack the eye. Three repetitions of this and Morpheel's death cutscene starts, in which it swims blindly into a wall, implodes and drops a Heart Container and the last piece of Fused Shadow. The water then drains from the arena.

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