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Morris Baldwin along with Nathan Graves' parents defeated Dracula, but in the heat of the battle his companions died, living him with the care of Nathan.
He raised him along with his son, training them to be his successors. But as there was only one hunter whip, his chosen would heir it.
Hugh thought that, as his son, and because he was naturally better than Nathan, he would receive it.
But as wise as Morris was, he saw his son's pride could be his undoing, and chose the more carefree Nathan.
He knew that his decision would drive appart the two, but he felt that was for the best.

In Castlevania: The Circle Of The Moon

In the beginning he is captured by Camilla and Dracula, seeing his two pupils fall into the dungeons of the Castle.
Along the trip within the walls you learn that he is meant to be sacrificed so that the Dracula's powers can be restored.

 After getting access to the Dracula's chamber, and defeating him, Morris is helped by Nathan to flee the crumbling castle.
And they stare, along with Hugh, at as it fades away in the distance, yet to be rebuilt again...

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