Do not buy the Switch version unless it's your only option

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I've been splitting my time with PC and Switch versions, and while the port of the game is pretty much fine minus the graphics downgrade, the always online is a major bummer. There's currently no way for the game to reconnect to servers coming out of sleep, so if you have to pause mid tower, you're automatically booted offline and lose progression (for people with console versions, does this happen as well?). The only way to reconnect is to just restart the game. I thought you were supposed to receive rewards once you reconnect but reading some anecdotes on Reddit this doesn't seem to always be the case. The progression and loot grinding would be have been perfectly suited for a handheld and quick sessions, but server checks at every point is really killing my enjoyment.

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Yeah and those graphics are unacceptable to be honest, I can play a modest looking game any day, but one that was designed to look a certain way and then had all the goodness sucked out of it just feels off the whole time

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The PC version and the Switch version aren't even up to date with the PS4/X1 versions, so they don't even have the right character data right now, making learning anything pointless. Have a bad feeling about getting proper support and patches. The grinding is unbelievably boring right now, especially as a PC player without even the day 1 patch. The meager rewards for the most unfair, not in the least bit fun garbage tower challenges is draining. I've been keeping it in the background using AI fights to grind out their currency, then going to unlock stuff in the krypt only to be disappointed every time with a bunch of pointless garbage like variation icons and augments for characters I don't play. They really fucked this thing up. It's gonna need a lot of work to make this system they came up with feel at all rewarding to play, because it's basically hell right now.

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Yeah and those graphics are unacceptable to be honest, I can play a modest looking game any day, but one that was designed to look a certain way and then had all the goodness sucked out of it just feels off the whole time

I think it's fine for handheld mode, which is how i would play switch games if i had one. The major issue is the incomplete content and lack of balance updates.

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@sahalarious: digital foundry seemed pretty positive about the graphics and they are as picky as anyone

I think if graphics are a big thing for someone the switch isn’t going to be for them in general.

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With how it turned out it might have been better if NRS just ported over MKX instead, especially with how half of 11 isn’t accessible offline and is too graphically intensive for the Switch.

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I have a PC, Xbox One X and a Switch and I bought the Switch version because I enjoy busting out a couple fights in bed. The crypt looks horrid for sure but I dont spend much time in there. I've grown used to using DAT dpad, though again I know its not ideal.

The Switch CAN run this game, and it runs it WELL, even in handheld. Its just not as pretty as the other versions. I can you tell one thing for certain, fighting games aren't ones I typically sit down to play for long sessions, so I've probably already got more out of it in a handheld form factor than I would've on the other versions.

The game looks stunning on the other platforms and I do sometimes miss the extra fidelity, especially in story mode, but as a trade off I think the Switch version is just fine?

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@bradbrains: i mean...i watched that quick look and it made me feel awful. they got a framerate at the cost of running it on settings that would make it onto an episode of that potato mode show on gamespot. I play my switch a TON, but its not for games like MK, Doom, or Wolfenstein, i dont mind Zeldas choppiness because it was designed for the switch ya know,

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Looks reasonably ok to me, worth it for the framerate.

Ofc other platforms would be preferable, if portability is not important to you.


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