MK11 Week 1 Tourney - 4/27 2PM Pacific

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And it's over, stream archive here

Orignial Post Below:

Hey all! New fighting game, new tournament! With the release of Mortal Kombat 11 I'll be holding a week 1 tournament this Saturday, April 27th at 2PM Pacific. The tournament is open for anyone worldwide of any skill level!You can sign up using this Challonge link: Note that for communication you MUST join the GBFGC Discord as well, you can do so (we play a bunch of other fighting games in there as well, so even if you aren't looking to play MK11 and read this post you should still join).

As part of the sign-up you can choose what your nickname is, please have your Challonge and Discord names similar enough that people can tell who you are, so they can invite you for your match. If you sign up as "Goku" and your Discord is "XxW33DL0RDVeg33t4xX" while your PSN is "Yu-Gi-No" it makes it more difficult to coordinate matches and we spend a lot more time trying to sort out who's who than stabbing and bashing.

A few additional rules, please give them a read before the tournament:

  • We'll be playing using competitive mode, which gives everyone two different gear load outs to use. Competitive mode disables custom abilities, which puts everyone on a standard playing field on what to expect
  • This hasn't been an issue for any tournaments I've done, but as always ANY FORM of cheating (reporting matches you lost as you winning) or harassment will result in immediate elimination from the tournament. Main point of this is to have fun, don't be a dick
  • Tournament will be double elimination meaning you need to lose twice before you are eliminated from the tournament.
  • Matches will use the default settings: 2/3 matches and 2/3 rounds, with Winner, Loser, and Grand Finals being 3/5. For Grand Finals, the person coming from the loser's bracket must win two sets for victory. Upon losing a match, the loser may swap characters however the winner must stay with the same character. The winner may change variations however
    • As an example if the first match is Cassie v Kano and Kano loses, he can switch to Geras however player 1 must stick with Cassie. Player 1 can change to her other tournament variation however. If Geras wins player 1 can then switch to Johnny Cage for the final match, while player 2 must stick with Geras
  • Players are responsible for reporting their own scores on the Challonge page. If you have any problems doing so or you accidentally enter the wrong score/winner let me know during the tournament and I can fix it.
  • Players are expected to show up on time. At 5 minutes past if you haven't notified me that you'll be a few minutes late, I reserve the right to give you a loss in your first match to keep the tournament going. At 10 minutes past you will be disqualified.
  • All characters and stages are allowed

OK I think that covers things! If you have any questions feel free to either message me on Discord, send me a PM here, or post in this thread and I'll try to keep an eye on things. Hope to see some new faces engage in Mortal Kombat this weekend!

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Dammit knew I forgot something, this is for the PS4 version of the game.

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Damn no idea who to pick so soon but I'll give it a shot.

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That's what I get for buying the PC version

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Aww yeah, time to get bodied ?

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Never played in a fighting game tournament, and never really played online.

But I made a promise to myself that MK11 would be the game that gets me to at least semi-learn fighting count me in!

I may get beaten, will get wrecked.

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Getting wrecked is part of the fun!

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@liquidsaiyan3: For real though, maybe it's just because I know I'm not some top level player, but while most people get mad when they just get juggled for like 20 seconds I just laugh.

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24 hours!

I should learn some kombos…

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Quick reminder this is happening in about 6 hours, hope to see some people there!

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Thanks again for putting this together, Light! Was a lot of fun

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