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As a fighting game this is a really good one. Yet the grinding required to get some cosmetics is a bit to much.

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After skipping over MKX I’ve decided to return to the earthrealm once again with the release of MK11. Nothing about the previous game caught my eye at all. Which isn’t true this time. As for what is going on in the realms of this story it is quite simple. Raiden has gone all emo dark on everyone. This prompts a unknown god of time named Konika to set a plan into motion to erase all of time and remold it into a universe without Raiden. Thus our heroes band together to stop her in a variety of ways. Although the story can be summed up easily it was a wild ride. Would honestly stand alone as a action movie if it wasn’t a game instead.

Each character has a list of abilities you can equip. 2-3 depending on how good they might be.
Each character has a list of abilities you can equip. 2-3 depending on how good they might be.

While the 4 hour storyline is awesome it can’t carry all the weight of this fighting game. Overall this doesn’t seem like a huge reinvention of the standard MK gameplay. Simple combos and special moves are easily accessible by all who pick up a controller. The cool part is how much customization you have per character. Every character has access to different abilities that lets you have access to moves that you like using. Plus unlike what it looked like pre release the speed of the combat is fast. Most rounds won’t last very long at all.

All the blood and guts are accounted for in this one too. Surprisingly while the fatalities are cool the brutalities are the real highlight. Since some are really hard to pull off. As a whole the base game is fun on it’s own but the usual set of towers is where you’ll be spending most of your time if playing this single player like me is what you usually do. I’m glad I missed out on how tough the towers were at the start. While they still have annoying stuff like missiles that freeze you they all seem doable to me. Some might still be annoyingly tough but those are easily ignored. Unless you want to unlock a skin and that’s where this game is kinda meh.

The krypt on paper is amazing. All these MK references and cool things to see. Yet it is just one big grind fest. Sure they make it slightly better but in the end it still requires about 20 hours just to “compete” it. Then it just becomes boring once you explore it all.Throwing a bunch of in game money into it just to maybe get some new costumes is annoying especially if you care about making your character look cooler. I’ve never been one to care about cosmetics that much but it’s still a really big problem.

Visually the Netherealm team continues to make some visually amazing games.
Visually the Netherealm team continues to make some visually amazing games.

Overall I’ve enjoyed my time with this game a lot. Going through the towers while listing to a bombcast is a lot of fun. The main story is worth seeing too. Plus the gameplay is enjoyable. Truly a bloody good time. Just know going in that getting the a lot of the cosmetics might take a long time. So if that is something you know you’ll want to do it might not be worth picking this game up. The amount of grind will likely just wear you out. Otherwise this is a game worth playing.

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