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have to say:mk:armageddon has potential,,

bottom line ; almost,,but not quite;));p,,i ahveplayed this game extremly much and ahve had so much fun with it,,also the opening cutscene which are exelent,,i have had extremly good time with this game and also the best yet konquest mode created for a great mk title which is this one,,i ahve played this game for 6 years now;),,stil lgreat after 6years actually;) ,mk armageddon,,

what drags down mk;a ,,no fatalities,,endings for each char,,i enjoyed them,,but they where too short and a dissapoint overall,,but i did enjoy them;p,,char plays too much alike,,kreate ur own fighter is good,but at the same time its shallow and dissapointhing,,graphics,,gameplay feels a liittle weak and dated;p

what drags this baby up,,the awesome konquest mode,, ,,awesome Story++,,,the-story beats the whole game,alone,,anyway the rest here ; insanely many char;),,air-combos,,smooth nice graphics and colors,,nice to look at ;),,i like the gameplay awsome fun,,not the best but still good enough gameplay;)

if only this game was more like deception,,this game is a winner but also a fail;p

though konquest mode is still great and easiely the best part,,this time sliglhty better than that one found in mk:deception;p

4 most plusses,,, : 1 : the arenas exelent as always ,, 2 : konquest mode in this are the best,,amybe the strongest part of this game,, 3 ; story is awesome and exelent as always ; 4; online is good fun and creater fighter top notch,,well almost ,,but still it is and death traps ,,car-races=),,;)

the negative ; char plays too much alike ,, decent fatalaties are gone,,fatalaties are gone,,,

i very much agree with u,,,many charaxters have the same moves and so on and not many :(,,and theyr not too fun doing,...characters are too un.intersting--while they are not,uf u know what i mean...baraka...can be boring for example...and 3 sheeva loook alikes,this goes very much through the game...but the plusses in my book is that the gameplay ,levels, and son on makes it interesting and has very much potential as for the rest of latest mk titles..and as u say,,it can be slow fighting and dull at for motor kombat and quest is not of my interest,,maybe a slack....and ihave to say that,,,

,,,,either im getting older and games are not s ofun anymore,,,or it is actual the truth,,or maybe both,,..i player mk:3 in my yougner days i am now was so fun..and great beating the hell out out of was s ofun doing that cyrax,,net for example it was so hilarious crazy....but is it now HMM...,i like mk,,still if it isnt so great...same goes with TEKKEN 5,,it is not that great that great,it is very good but not great,,

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