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    Mortal Kombat II

    Game » consists of 27 releases. Released Jun 25, 1993

    The second installment of one of the most violent fighting game franchises of all time, providing a smoother fighting system while adding new fighters, Fatalities, babalities, friendships, and much more.

    efrucht's Mortal Kombat II (PlayStation Network (PS3)) review

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    A good deal for 5 dollars

    The positive:

    • Simple, basic combat is easy to pick up and play
    • Visuals/Audio is so cheesy it is hilarious
    • Fatalities are as awesome as ever

    The Negatives
    • A small amount of stages to fight on
    • Three of the characters look identical except for tunic color (very lame)
    • Only a small amount of special attacks per character
    • Small number of characters
    • Lui Kang feels cheap
    • Online play is shallow

    I grew up on this game, and the many reasons why it was so fun then still hold true today. Like the old man with the awesome war stories, Mortal Kombat 2 shows modern gamers not only how far the genre has evolved since its original release, but how solid a good combat system can be, even years later. For five dollars, MK2 is an excellent diversion, and can  provide many hours of fun if you've got a group of friends over and nothing better to do. It's when you start comparing it to modern fighters that the problems arise. Simplistic fighting, aging visuals, and a genuine lack of content make this game more nostalgia than anything else. The online system is shallow, and not very satisfying.
    Again, for 5 dollars, these complaints hardly tarnish the good deal that MK2 is. If you want something different, or want to try your hand at the game that made your childhood, then pick this up off of PSN, and have a great time.

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