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Rent It First 0

Hardcore MK fan since the release of the first Mortal Kombat and have played all of the different platform versions to date.This game brought to the table something that we MK fans had never seen before; a story mode.Obviously, it got a little repetitive before it ended but I was open-minded and just excited to be able to do more than just fight against my friends who either are too good, or just plain pathetic.I also like the fact that, as Sub-Zero, you were able to kill "Scorpion" in the first...

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awful burn your eyes instead its more fun 1

from the title you know what im going to say about thsi game but its just plain awful, the story is limited and really only tells the tale of subzero's origin and well that really isnt very interesting to do with the whole back story of the game and tbh no body cares about that you just wanna beat the hell outta someone or something lol but it could have been good but it was a substandard 2-D scrolling beat-em-up streets of rage style but it just had potentioal just never was going to live up to...

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Sounded great as a myth. 0

The Lin Kuei ninja named Sub-Zero breaks into the Shaolin Temple to steal The Map of Elements for a sorcerer named Quan Chi, in which he succeeds. Next, the Grandmaster of the Lin Kuei rents out Sub-Zero's services a second time for Quan Chi; his new mission is to steal the amulet of Shinnok from the four elemental guardians appointed by God of Thunder Raiden. Why all of this trouble for the amulet? Sub-Zero's clan doesn't care in the least, as long as they're paid for the mission. -summary Long...

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