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MK vs DC: A great game to introduce people to the fighting genre

Numerous times I've tried to get into fighting games.  I've tried Soul Calibur, Virtua Fighter, and Tekken, yet none of them kept me interested for more than a week.  The problem isn't with the quality of the games, most of them were near AAA productions, but rather, the problem was me.  I couldn't cope with the confusing blocks, parries, combos, etc.  These games were obviously designed for the hardcore fighting fans, and therefore I wasn't part of the target audience.  This said, I still was looking for a gateway game to get me interested with the genre.  I've finally found that game, and surprisingly, it was MK vs. DC.  Essentially, this review will cater to the people who have never really gotten into fighting games, but might be interested in the prospect.
I know I'm not a fighting effiicanoto, but I'm glad I'm not an elitist when it comes to games, otherwise I probably wouldn't have given this game a shot.  Many people have already begun to poo poo on the game, but it doesn't deserve it.  MK is a different beast from SC or VF.  I'll be straightforward and say that the game isn't meant for the hardcore.  MK vs. DC has some problems with "cheap" moves and frame counting is out of the questions here.  The hardcore may also complain that everyone has a similar move set, etc etc.  However, this won't matter to the people trying to become aquanted with fighting games.  For example, I never recognized that any of the characters have similar move sets (most of their special moves are rather unique), and though the cheap moves do suck when they're spammed, it's satisfying to learn how to block those moves and kick that spammer's ass.
MK vs. DC has several modes, which include: arcade, story (with 2 campaigns), two player, and "kombo" challenge.  Arcade is like any other arcade mode in any other fighting game.  The same goes for two player.  However, the story for this game is different.  One would expect that the MK universe meshing with the DC universe would produce one of the worst stories ever, but that's not true here.  Whoever wrote the story did it in a brilliant fashion.  Overall, it's intreging and it gets the player to play through all of the characters at least one time.  I'm not sure how long it takes to get through both campaigns, but it only took me a couple of days.  Unlike the story, MK vs. DC's kombo challenge is EXTREMELY difficult.  The basic jist of kombo mode is to complete elaborate combos.  This proves difficult because the combos are not demonstrated and in addition to that, the player's timing must be perfect.  Despite this, once the player actually nails one of these moves he or she has to feel accomplished.
The controls are decent for the PS3.  It may be due to my lack of experience, but I sometimes found it extremely difficult to pull of certain combos with the D-pad alone.  The analogue stick wont help you here either because the stick is permantly mapped for 3D movement; hence you can't jump with the sticks.  Honestly, I want to get an arcade stick and see how it compares to using the dualshock.  Anyways, the game's controls are good, but it feels like they're not spot on.
MK vs. DC is a great game.  It's got the fighting essentials (arcade, two player), a great story, and an entertaing cast of characters.  Most importantly, this game is just plain ole' fun.  Not everything is spot on, but I don't think the game was designed for such.  If this review hasn't convinced you to at least give the game a try, then take this into consideration.  I live in a freshman dorm and when I put this game in it attracts so much attention from the other people on the hall...and all of them found the game to be tons of fun.

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