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Mortal Kombat is very bloody and very fun

Mortal Kombat is like your typical fighting game, where you go one on one until the timer runs out or the first person to have their health drained. Your attacks are punch, kick, and you can execute special moves for each character by doing a button combination, and/or a sweep of the d pad. 
On single player you pick your character and go through a battle tower fighting opponents until you reach the top, which can be pretty difficult. Then you verse Goro the only boss in the game, who is fairly slow, but can deal damage. The learning curve isn't very steep, but this game will require tons of practice before you can even think to go through single player with ease.
The level design in this game is very dark, and has a dungeon type feel to it. And can be somewhat scary, if you were young playing this game like I was. The detail in most of the levels is very nice to look at, but can look a bit blurry. I have no problems with the character movement, it moves very smoothly. Also the characters aren't animated, but are people. Then probably the best thing in this game is the gore and blood upon blood. From start to finish, this game is very gory and not meant for kids. Each blow with your character will spill blood out of your opponent. Then after you have won the match you will be given the opportunity to do fatalities, which require a certain combo for each character which will finish your opponent off with the most gory viscious death possible. And on a last note, the multiplayer when you verse a friend is like any other fighting game, where you go toe to toe. I recommend you all play this game.

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