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Like dismembering dudes? Then you should probably play this.

I was nervous about the prospect of importing this after it'd been refused classification on our shores. It was difficult to determine the legality of doing so. A bunch of people said it was fine, some said it wasn't, some said it was fine but not in certain states.
In the end I caved and ordered the sucker in.
And it got here just fine.

I've been a Mortal Kombat fan since I was like 7 or 8.
I've played everything with the MK name except Special Forces.
I didn't want this joining that list.

I think it was worth the potential risk.

I am fully prepared to admit I'm not great at Mortal Kombat or fighting games in general.
I find fighting games difficult to properly dissect.
I can't pull off crazy combos and juggles, but I know enough to have fun with it and the game is certainly fun.

The story mode is fantastic.
The game covers the story from MK 1-3 through fully voiced, in-game cut scenes which are utterly fantastic. Of course it's not just a retelling, there are a few twists.

Between the story mode, the more traditional ladder layout offered in the arcade mode and the challenge tower Mortal Kombat offers the best value for the single player. Doubtless the game is more fun with friends, but there's more single player content than you'd generally expect from a fighter.

The challenge tower offers 300 challenges. When they revolve around fighting they're great, but when it's "use your projectile attack to kill thirty zombies, tag in your partner to reload!" well then they aren't so great.

I've not quite finished the tower, it's getting pretty difficult!
Beat three Shao Khans with Stryker? And one health bar? Yikes.
Beat three Goros with Ermac? And again one health bar? Yikes again.

I've never really touched online play in a fighter but couldn't help myself with MK.
I ordered in my copy from the UK and so had to make a UK XBL account to activate the Kombat Pass, but once that's done you can play online just fine from any account on the console.
Naturally there's not a lot of Aussies playing, but I've not had much difficulty getting a game.
There's usually a room with at least a dozen people in it. I've heard folks have had issues with lag but all things considered my online experience has been pretty stable.

Wrapping up, the games great fun.
Games easy enough to pick up and play, though that's not to say it's lacking in challenge.
Though that's coming from a thoroughly average player, I guess.
If the 3D games weren't really your thing you might want to give the series another look now.

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