It's out.

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Game left beta, would be awesome too see a quick look of this. I was a huge fan of early Uo and it seems the developers took alot of their inspirations from that.

Dear Community, fans, friends and business partners,

we are very proud to announce that Mortal Online launched at 16:00 GMT+2 today, June 9th 2010.

It has been a rough ride for both you, our loyal fans, as well as the team here at Star Vault.
We have come a long way from the first days of Block A and "Lake Sausage", the time of imba-spears and chars with maxed out skills and now, finally the point we are at today, with all promised features implemented, the beatutiful and dangerous world of Nave.
Without your great support this would have never been possible and everybody here at Star Vault is proud to be a part of this great community.

The ride isn't over yet - there are still a few milestones ahead in the next months. As all of you know the game is not as polished as we wanted it to be but we will continue - with you vital support - to make this an awsome game.

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Wow, already? I thought the beta would have lasted longer.

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Has anyone messed with it at all? Looks interesting.

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Sadly no, that's why I wanted a QL!  Right now I'm regretting not testing out during beta. :D
Anyway, it's a pretty low budget game, so whoever gives it a whirl shouldn't expect it to be very polished. And would be nice if someone found a review of it!
edit: Another thing worth mentioning is that this game is by no means for everyone, it's going to be harsh and unforgiving, and you will probably cry when you die and lose all your stuff.

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@snide: I haven't played it myself, but a friend of mine was in the beta for the last couple of months and he's been talking about it nonstop. It's a hardcore MMO in every meaning of the word and he adores it, but still recognizes the fact that it has enough flaws that it would have greatly benefited from an extra couple of months in beta.
Definitely worth a QL at some point, though.
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This is the first I have heard of it.

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I played it a few months ago. The game is like Ultima Online in first person with Oblivion style combat. Open loot PvP and most equipment is crafted by other players. 
The crafting is pretty unique as you can add any blade to any hilt. Like short blade + staff = polearm or large blade + medal hilt = bastard sword type of thing. 
When I played it a few months ago, it wasn't very good. The world was pretty empty with nothing much to do. It probably changed for the better now but, like all newly launch MMOs, it's probably not polished yet. 
I'd wait for a free trial. Free trials usually means that the developers are now confident that their game is polished enough to lure people in.
You should try out Darkfall in the meantime; they are pretty similar games. I'd take a guess and say it's probably the best out of the two right now. 
They announced a 14-day trial pretty recently. I've been having fun with it even though the crafting is pretty weak. 
I'm a pretty hardcore crafter in MMORPGs. Don't like to PvP at all, but I do like the communities that form from open loot PvP MMORPGs.
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@Vager said:

" @snide:   I played it a few months ago. The game is like Ultima Online in first person with Oblivion style combat.  "

Sounds like the best game ever.
Edit: Just noticed that the company that made this game is located in the town I live in (Malmö), now I have to try this game.
I don't think a quick look would do very good if you haven't played for a while before you make it. Otherwise it would be like doing a quick look of the first hour in EVE.
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Yeah probably, and I doubt GiantBomb-squad is the crew best suited to give this game a quicklook, I adore them, but they're more consolish and less hardcore and would probably just cry about the harshness! (Or maybe that's just all in my head, I have yet to take those pills someone prescribed)

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@Vager: Oh wow. Thanks for this! I thought Darkfall turned into vapourware a while ago and stopped following it. Gonna go try it out now :P
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When does elderly Time Traveling Spock show up?

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