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    A centaur in the service of Shao Kahn. He is the penultimate fight of Mortal Kombat 3.

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    Motaro first appeared in Mortal Kombat 3 as a boss. Motaro is a centaur with horns and a deadly metallic tail.  Like all centaurs, he's a hunter and has mystical powers.  He and his clan live in the Outworld and despise the four-armed monsters that are the Shokans.  The two clans have been fighting for centuries to prove themselves worthy in the eyes of Shao Kahn.  


    After the defeat of Goro and Kintaro (both Shokans), Shao Kahn decides to trust the centaurs and tasks Motaro with leading his army to eliminate the warriors of Earth.  A short time afterwards, Motaro manages get of hold of Kano's body after he was killed by Sonya Blade, who pushed him off a skyscraper. He takes the body to Shao Kahn's temple, revives it and imprisons Kano in hopes that he'll be punished by the ruler of the Outerworld.  But Sheeva ambushes him and kills him. 
    Despite being killed, Motaro makes a return in the events of Armageddon. The Shokans have cast a spell on the Centaurs which has caused them to become minotaurs making Motaro a cross species fighter.

    In the 2011 Mortal Kombat, Motaro returns, but unlike Goro and Kintaro, he does not actually engage in any playable combat. During the game's story, he is briefly seen in the background of a scene during the "Mortal Kombat 3" portion of the plot when Raiden experiences one of his visions. The lightning god then flies in and attacks him, smashing him through a bridge.

    In a later scene, Motaro's dead body is brought before Shao Kahn, who reacts to this turn of events by killing Shang Tsung and granting the sorcerer's collected souls and power to Sindel.

    Fighting Style

    Being a centaur, Motaro posesses incredible strength and abilities. He can charge long distances thanks to his four legs, crushing anyone in his path (Armageddon).  His metal tail can shoot laser beams by concentrating energy and firing it.  His incredible strength also lets him pick up his enemies by the throat and punch them in the gut, sending the flying. Motaro also teleports. 
    Motaro's fatality is best described as gory. He rips off his opponent's head and shows it off like a trophy (only on N64 version).  


    Motaro appeares in the movie Mortal Kombat: Annihilation. He briefly confronts Sheeva and is defeated by Jax.   


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