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The ship is vast, and to swiftly navigate between sections, teleporter pads are used frequently.  The player must meet certain objectives before pads are activated, and many pads provide quick return trips to the entrance of an area the player has just traversed on foot.

Notable Areas

  • The Cargo Hold contains a vast assortment of items found in the Wasteland, making it a good location to stock up on Aid and Misc items. One section of the Hold is devoted to mysterious and unsettling research on the Giddyup Buttercup.
  • Waste Disposal is a clear homage to the trash compactor in the original Star Wars film, and the sequence begins with one of the dialogue options as "What an incredible smell you've discovered."
  • A point of no return during the DLC is the Spacewalk section.  A spacesuit must be worn to walk on the outer lower hull of the ship, before being transported to the lower platform containing the Death Ray.  After the spacewalk the player cannot return to certain earlier areas to finish item collection. This may result in the inability to complete the achievement "Alien Archivist".
  • Death Ray Control allows the player to fire the ship's ray gun out in to space, or at the Earth (with no change in karma).  It is unclear where on Earth the target is located, but abundantly clear that whatever was at the location will never be seen again.

Followers and NPCs

None of your Wasteland followers will join you on the ship.  There are several human NPCs aboard the ship, but only three will actively follow you through certain areas.
  • Sally - required companion through several areas including Steamworks and Waste Disposal
  • Somah - follows through Robot Assembly
  • Paulson - follows through Hanger and Cargo Hold
  • Elliot Tercorien - follows through Cryo Lab

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