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    MotoGP '06

    Game » consists of 1 releases. Released Jun 09, 2006

    MotoGP'06 is a motorcycle racing game under the Motogp Championship license developed by Climax Studios and published by THQ. It was released on June 9th (Pal) and June 12th (NA) exclusively for the Xbox 360.

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    In MotoGP'06 the player takes control of either a rider of one of the many teams in the Moto'GP World Championship or one of their own custom riders. Furthermore they can take controller of a rider in the extreme mode which is based around closed street racing. 
    Career Mode

    In the career mode players begin at Seed 100 and improve that seed by completing races under Grand Prix and Extreme career modes. Wins against high seeded racers will net better improvement then wins against low seeded racers. Conversely, losses will decrease the seed based on the seeds of other racers. A player’s attributes will also improve with seed increases, for Handling, Braking, Speed, and Acceleration. In order to increase seeds players must also increase the difficulty.

    Rookie- Seeds 100-81

    Grand Prix Career

    Players are required to complete Grand Prix Career before unlocking the Extreme Career.   Players will compete against real-world racers from the 2005 and 2006 Moto GP Championship Seasons. Each of the 17 circuits from the 2005-2006 seasons are included. Players select bikes they have unlocked from previously completed seasons and can choose to customize them.   Then players can be given options to Practice, Qualify, and Race each stage of the season.

    Grand Prix Manufacturers Include:


    Extreme Career

    Extreme Career is divided into three distinct league types based on engine size.

    Extreme 600cc
    Extreme 1000cc
    Extreme 1200cc

    Each victory in Extreme 600cc will give players a specified amount of money. That money is used to collect more powerful bikes which will give you the option to race in the Extreme 1000cc, and 1200cc leagues respectively.

    Extreme Career Manufacturers Include:


    Championship Points Awarded:

    1-25 points
    2-20 points
    3-16 points
    4-13 points
    5-11 points
    6-10 points
    7-9 points
    8-8 points
    9-7 points
    10-6 points
    11-5 points
    12-4 points
    13-3 points
    14-2 points
    15-1 point

    Rider and Bike Customization

    Players can customize their created rider’s appearance as well as their collection of bikes. The name of the rider can be changed, the helmet design can be changed using the custom helmets, rider leathers can be selected from different designs, a player logo can be created for both the rider and bike, and ultimately a team name, number, and nationality are selected.

    Bikes can be edited to change the color and add different patterns to design a visual style, including logos. Bikes can also be upgraded with new parts and adjustments. Each upgrade has three levels for each of the 5 parts of the bike that can be changed. Upgrades can have positive and negative effects.

    Engine Tuning can improve acceleration and power stability through lower gears.

    Weight Reduction can have obvious improvements on Handling, Cornering, and overall Acceleration.

    Braking upgrades will allow for shorter overall braking distance improving the amount of time used in the corners.

    BHP Upgrades increase the top speed by increasing the power of the engine.

    Traction and Stability give the bike more freedom in the corners and better power sliding with less chance of losing stability.

    Bike Set-ups include:

    Tire Compound: Softer tire compounds offer better grip and stability in the corners while harder tire compounds will increase speed on straight-away’s, decreasing handling.

    Gear Ratios: A higher gear ratio offers higher top speeds while trading-off acceleration. Lower gear ratios increase acceleration but lower top speeds.

    Suspension Hardness: A hard suspension will increase stability at higher speeds but negatively affects braking. Softer suspensions will improve braking but will make the bike difficult to handle at higher speeds.

    Wheelbase: Adjustments to the space between the front and rear wheels can improve responsiveness and stability. Shortening the wheelbase will make the bike easier to handle while lengthening it makes the bike more stable.


    Challenges offer a variety of goals for each circuit. Timed Challenges award the player for completing a point to point portion of a track in a specified time. Speed Challenges give the player a section of track to navigate, crossing the finish line at or above the required speed. And Follow the Leader challenges involve a race between the player and one other racer. Players race one lap and must finish within a second of the other racer to complete the challenge.

    Xbox Live

    Xbox Live offers online play for both ranked and unranked races in all racing disciplines. Players can host or join matches based on game mode and racing class.

    Game Modes Include:

    -Quick Race
    -Grand Prix
    -Tag Mode
    -Stunt Mode

    The players can select any of the four racing leagues (Grand Prix, Extreme 600cc, Extreme 1000cc, and Extreme 1200cc.) Leaderboard’s track the best times for all circuits. Moto GP 06 also has System Link and Split-screen multiplayer options available.


    -Nicky Hayden won the 2006 Moto GP World Championship
    -Valentino Rossi won the 2004 and 2005 Moto GP World Championship 
    -Valentino Rossi is the rider featured on the cover


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