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    MotoGP '07

    Game » consists of 1 releases. Released Aug 27, 2007

    The final Moto GP game to be developed by Climax Racing Studios and published by THQ for the Xbox 360 and PC.

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    Career Mode

    Racing Seeds
    Players start at Seed 100 and eventually achieve Seed 1. To improve the seed players must win races in both Grand Prix and Extreme Career modes. Seeds rise and fall depending on where players finish in a race, and the seed of the opponents players race against. Beating high seeded opponents’ nets more improvement then beating low seeded opponents. And losing to higher seeded opponents has less of a negative effect than lower seeds. Improving seeds will also improve the player’s attributes for Handling, Braking, Speed, and Acceleration. To continue improving seeds the player has to increase the difficulty of each season.
    • Rookie-Seeds 100-71
    • Pro-70-51
    • Champion-50-31
    • Legend-30-1


    Grand Prix Career
    In Racing Career players must select Grand Prix first. Completing it unlocks Extreme mode. Grand Prix allows players to choose championship bikes that have been unlocked during previous seasons. Before each race of a season the player can choose to adjust bike settings, practice, qualify, and race. Practice will allow as much time and as many laps as the player desires to master the track. Qualifying will give the player ten minutes to achieve the fastest lap on the track. The race option begins the race, starting the player in the qualified position. Each race can be set to the desired number of laps in the options menu.

    Manufacturers include:  


    Extreme Career 
    In Extreme the structure of the season remains the same. But rather than simply choosing a bike players are given a set amount of money to spend on a new bike. Tracks in the Extreme season are wider, faster, and more forgiving then Grand Prix. Bikes handle accordingly, with more accessible controls. Each race will reward the player with a certain amount of money depending on the position they finished in. Money is used to upgrade the bikes with new parts, or purchase new bikes.

    Rider and Bike Customization

    Players can customize a rider’s appearance including helmet designs, and rider leathers. Logos are created with separate layers, shapes and colors. Finally, a team name, number, and nationality are selected.

    In Extreme mode players earn money to purchase various bikes and upgrades. Bikes are separated into four different fictional manufacturers. Manufacturers offer 4 kinds of bikes, each increasingly more powerful and expensive. Players can improve those stats by replacing different parts of the bike. Changes can have a positive and negative impact on how the bike will ultimately handle. Some parts will only change the aesthetic.

    Parts that can be swapped out include:  


    Bikes can be further customized by making adjustments to the compounds of both the front and rear tires. The trade-off is more speed versus better handling in the corners. Gear ratios can be changed to increase acceleration or top speed. Suspensions can be adjusted to improve grip and speed. Stability can be an issue depending on the hardness of the suspension. Finally the wheelbase can be changed to increase stability or responsiveness, respectively. 

    Challenge Mode
    Each Grand Prix track includes a set of three goals in Challenge Mode. Players can acquire Gold, Silver, and Bronze medals depending on their performance. Completed challenges will offer rider attributes depending on the medal.  

    Challenges include a timed run around a part of the course. There is a start and finish mapped into each track, and a target time to beat.

    Speed runs, in which you must attain a set speed on the track as you reach the finish.

    And Follow the Leader, where the goal is to race a lap against an AI opponent, finishing no worse than 5 seconds behind.

    Rider Attribute point values are:  

    Gold-3 points
    Silver-2 points
    Bronze-1 point  

    Xbox Live

    Online play is both ranked and unranked, and includes Championship Mode, Pink Slip Racing, and Online Tournaments.

    Championship Mode-Players can choose to use either a Moto GP 07 racer, or a player created model, to race on any of the Grand Prix courses.

    Pink Slip Racing-Players can adjust the match to allow only racers of their skill level to compete. Each player must wager one extreme bike. If a player wins the race, they earn the other players bike. 

    Online Tournaments-There are five tournaments to choose from. Each tournament has its own set of unique restrictions to follow, including types of bikes. 


    The game features all the real world tracks of the season, which are: 

    • Losail-Qatar Grand Prix
    • Jerez-Spanish Grand Prix
    • Istanbul-Turkish Grand Prix
    • Shanghai-Chinese Grand Prix
    • Le Mans-French Grand Prix
    • Mugello-Italian Grand Prix
    • Catalunya-Catalan Grand Prix
    • Donington-British Grand Prix
    • Assen-Dutch TT
    • Sachsenring-German Grand Prix
    • Laguna Seca-United States Grand Prix
    • Brno-Czech Republic Grand Prix
    • Misano-San Marino Grand Prix
    • Estoril-Portuguese Grand Prix
    • Motegi-Japanese Grand Prix
    • Phillip Island-Australian Grand Prix
    • Sepang-Malaysian Grand Prix
    • Valencia-Valencian Grand Prix


    Extreme Tracks:  
    The extreme tracks in the game are all fictional, but are based on real world locations

    • Gulf
    • Andulcia
    • Whale Coast
    • Copa Cabana
    • Riveria
    • Tuscany
    • Barcelona
    • Shires
    • Low Country
    • Autobahn
    • Monterey
    • Prague
    • Algarve
    • Tokyo
    • Outback
    • Malay
    • Sevilla


    Casey Stoner won the 2007 Grand Prix season.


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