Motoko Kusanagi

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    Leader of Section 9, star of the Ghost in the Shell anime / manga.

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    Motoko Kusanagi (aka The Major) is the field leader of the elite Section 9 anti-terrorism/cybercrimes division. After a plane crash incident when she was 6, Motoko was cybernetically modified to repair her injuries and save her life.

    Opting to keep her female chassis, Kusanagi skillfully maneuvers her body and is capable of ridiculous feats of acrobatic insanity.  She is also a very skilled and accomplished detective with many years of police work under her belt. Her cyber hacking abilities are rivaled by few and she can often take 'risky' chances in pursuit of hackers and other enemies to finish up cases she and her team partake in. She enjoys scuba diving, even though her weight causes her to sink in a flash. She has a fatalistic view on life and is not quite sure of what living entails.

    She beleves that versatility is a must if success is to be achieved in the field. As a result she recruited Togusa who has only minimal cybernetic enhacements and Batou who is extroverted and optimistic (Motoko's opposite), to balance out her team.

    Motoko is hinted several times to be bisexual.


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