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    Two-wheeled motor vehicle

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     A motorcycle is a vehicle used for transportation and sport. Motorcycles come in many different forms depending on the usage of the vehicle. It is powered by a motor, has two wheels, and is a relatively common vehicle in the racing genre.


    Superbike is a popular type of motorcycle racing with its very own championship series, formed in the late 1980s. The sport involves street racing on closed courses using modified racing bikes called "Superbikes." The Superbike Championship Series have become popular in Europe, Japan, Canada, and the United States, and has led to many games being conceived to emulate the excitement of the sport.


    Motocross is a popular type of offroad motorcycle racing where riders race on dirt or muddy courses with hills and turns. Motocross also has its own AMA (American) Championship, along with a Grand Prix (Motocross World Championship). Many motorcycle video games are based off of or influenced by Motocross.


    Freestyle Motocross is a relatively new form of Motocross involving tricks rather than racing. Riders try to perform the most daring and impressive tricks possible in front of a crowd and a panel of judges. Whoever gets the highest score is declared the winner. The trick aspect of Freestyle ties into video games well, and in turn many Freestyle motocross games have been made.


    MotoGP is the highest class of competition in Grand Prix motorcycle racing. The motorcycles for the sport are high-powered aerodynamic custom vehicles, built for racing only. Video games about MotoGP usually lean on the simulation side. They are usually very technical and skill based racing games.


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