Motorstorm's online play broken on launch, plus, thoughts inside!

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The online play in the game is broken! When you go to the online mode, the lobby loads for a while, and a message shows up that says "Fatal Error Occurred." This sucks because a lot of the game's appeal lied in the online play. 
Other then this issue, the game is pretty good! The racing has just the right amount of challenge to it and the AI isn't a bunch of rubber-bands. The game seemed to have a pretty good sense of speed from what I played (the first challenge) all while maintaining a great framerate. The "Festival" mode has a shitload of challenges, I held down the right arrow for about 20 seconds before it stopped scrolling all the challenges. 

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This game reminded me how much i loved Passific Rift. It plays almost exactly like its bigbrothers and for a PSP title it got pretty good graphics. The races where way to easy in the beginning though. Imo what really made Motorstorm so great was that you'd have to push your driving just a little more all the time. Luckily the difficulty  gets way better after an hour or so.
Very good so far. Havn't tried the online yet as my router is busted. :S

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