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    MotorStorm RC

    Game » consists of 4 releases. Released Mar 06, 2012

    The fifth game in the MotorStorm series features RC cars and is a PSN title for both the Vita and the PS3.

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    MotorStorm RC is a downloadable high-speed RC car racing game on PSN that looks to capturing the essence of NES's R.C. Pro-Am while adding modern connectivity to allow for multiplayer action. Available on both PlayStation Vita and PS3, MotorStorm RC includes the ability to play with players on any combination of the two consoles. The game also has split-screen multiplayer with eight vehicle styles and 16 tracks to choose from. The tracks' designs are based on four different areas from previous Motorstorm games. The game also features the Cross Buy concept, which grants both the PS3 and Vita versions of the game in one purchase.

    Game Modes

    Throughout the campaign of the game, players will encounter many different types of events. Each time you play one of these events you will do so with a different type of vehicle. You can only use the vehicle they allow you to use for each event. Complete an event by winning a race or accomplishing certain goals and you will be awarded medals to unlock more events.

    • Race - Your basic race event pits you against other AI racers
    • Hot Lap - Race against the clock and beat the times set on each track
    • Pursuit - Drive fast to overtake other RC cars racing around the track, the faster the better
    • Drift - This type is specific to muscle RC cars, build up drift points to win this mode

    Types of RC Cars

    While unlocking events, occasionally when you get three medals in an event you will unlock new cars. Each type of car handles differently and is very unique, just like the other Motorstorm games.

    • Supermini - A small and zippy RC car
    • Monster Truck - A larger, tougher RC car when mastered will not fail you
    • Racing Truck - Faster truck than the monster, but just as useful
    • Buggy - A fast, slippery car, difficult to master but fun to drive
    • Rally Car - Fast race car, if you like to kick up dust this one's for you
    • Big Rig - The largest RC car of the bunch, powerful and loud
    • Muscle Car - Built for drifting, and loud mufflers
    • Super Car - The fastest, craziest car in the entire game, good luck controlling these RC's


    This area in the game allows you to drive your RC cars wherever you wish. Attempting to score soccer goals, get your car through a basketball hoop, or just launching your RC off a high ramp. Spending time and scoring many goals or baskets will unlock special skins for the various car types.


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