Why is no one talking about this?

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This game is fucking Micromachines, but with those satisfying Motorstorm-ey offroad physics, adjustable camera views that aren't useless and a nice variety in vehicles that really feel different
I mean, this is Micromachines, but even better. 
How can you not have fun with this game.  

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Well, you could just not enjoy the Motorstorm series, for one.

I played the demo of one on the PS3 and the one on PSP. They were fun but there doesn't seem to be much to discuss.

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#3 Posted by RE_Player1 (8013 posts) -

Also it's free.

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Because Motorstorm Pacific Rift is still the best Motorstorm game. Apocalypse and Arctic Edge were steps backwards and this continues that trend. Or possibly because the game likely has no marketing budget so it isn't getting much mindshare. That's probably the likeliest reason given how low the price of the game is.

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@believer258: I don't know, it's only the squishy physics that it seems to share with the other Motorstorm games. Unless the aesthetic and vehicle variety make you dislike a series. But yeh whatever, it's good fun. 
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I would say because ME3 and SFXT came out this week

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#7 Posted by Vegetable_Side_Dish (1772 posts) -
@mosespippy: Totally agree about Pacific Rift. 
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Because the controls are fucked. Played the demo on a demo vita and just took me back to the frustrating as all hell first Motorstorm game. @mosespippy sorry to disagree, but Arctic Edge was definately the best, you could control that one...

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I don't know what Motorstorm is, but looks familiar to a game that is lots of fun, Motostom.

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#10 Posted by MikkaQ (10296 posts) -
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I agree with the TC. The controls take some getting used to, but they're becoming second nature to me. I'd planned on paying for this game based on some good buzz I'd heard around the net. Getting it for free is a great surprise. A lot of content for zero bucks. And the extra dlc is very reasonably priced, about fifty cents a car. The multiplayer is very reminiscent of what ssx is doing which is fine by me as I love score chasing.

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@believer258 said:

Well, you could just not enjoy the Motorstorm series, for one.

I played the demo of one on the PS3 and the one on PSP. They were fun but there doesn't seem to be much to discuss.

But this one doesn't play anything like a typical Motorstorm game. I haven't more than a bit of the first Motorstorm and didn't think it was anything special, but I love MSRC.

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@Vegetable_Side_Dish: I'm liking it, exactly because of that: remains me of Micro Machines... good stuff.

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I think the game is great on the Vita. Quick and easy, bite-sized gameplay.

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#15 Posted by mattgriffin (135 posts) -

I immediately thought of Micro Machines when I started this game. Great memories, and not bad at all, especially for free. I bought a few cars.

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@msavo said:

Also it's free.

Only for the Vita version, you still have to pay $8-$10 for the PS3 version.

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#17 Posted by Lava (737 posts) -

I love this game on my Vita. Currently trying to get three medals in all of the events. If anyone wants to compete on the leader boards: x_Lava_x

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