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An explosive mud-fest sure to please racing fans of all stripes 0

Motorstorm is a fantastically entertaining racer with great music, beautiful visuals, and heart-pumping racing action. The game conveys an immersive sense of speed and competition is fierce as AI opponents constantly try to ram you off the road. Luckily, the crashes are fantastically over-the-top and never fail to entertain. In some ways, the game plays like a boxing match between yourself and your opponents as you struggle to reach the finish line. All in all, it's great fun, but it's directed ...

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Launch-era hit was short on variety, addictive in its frustrating challenge. 0

Motorstorm, like launch-window games and new intellectual properties will be, is missing all of the features, options, secrets, and bonus content you come to expect from established franchises and sequels. Finishing a game in time to showcase a new console, paired with developing on that ever-difficult Cell technology, gives reason for most game players to forgive the barren menu screen and bask in the glory of state of the art graphics.The problem with this specific off road I.P. is that its co...

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not your avrage rally game, or is it? 0

Altough motorstorm bring new expectations to to the table in rally games it's still missed the mark on being a truely brilliant game.NOTE this review dose NOT inclued the extra downloadable contentthe tracks are complex and will take a while for you to get to grips with them as you dont get to chose a vehicle and a track instead the developers thoght they would do it for you, as you only have one game mode "motorstorm" which is like a tournement were you get tickets to enter a race in a certain ...

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Motorstorm 0

 MotorStorm is THE PS3 game you've been waiting for that truly shows what it can really do... if you've got the right tickets...The thing about Motorstorm is is that the gameplay is truly perfect for this kind of Arcade Racing.Motorstorm's setting is in the desert, at some kind of concert/racing event. The races in these events include all sorts of vehicles. You have the Motorcycle, ATV, Racing car, Mud Plugger, and Big Rig. Each vehicle is extremely detailed in their weight and physics, so a sh...

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Like the full game, this DLCs value is its biggest drawback 0

Motorstorm is an excellent example of the effects of being an early title for a brand new console. While the visuals turned heads and the gameplay offered an exhilarating first experience, a lack of content held the game from reaching its potential. With only eight tracks included on the disc, players shred through the same dirt paths hundreds of times while completing tickets and competing online. The obvious solution to this issue is downloadable content, and Evolution Studios were fully aware...

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New old review 0

Off-road racing is a interesting genre. On each console generation there has been many off-road racer games but these haven't gotten the same success as Gran Turismo or Need for Speed series have. And I am not talking about rally games here. Motorstorm was one of the release titles for Playstation 3 and a brand new off-road game IP. Having joined the PS3 owners club only few months ago I missed this game back then. I figured it was good bargain when my local store had this for £3. And ...

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Motorstorm reveiw 0

Motorstorm Storyline –NA / 10 Unfortunately this title does not have an official story line. Game play- v  Single player – 8.9/10 Starting off on motorstorm there are stages / events called ‘tickets’, as a gamer this gives the feel that you are more involved in the race e.c.t.  Within these ‘tickets’ there are up to four challenges that you have to accomplish within certain vehicle choices that the event has to offer which could include vehicles from the pee-sized motor bikes up to the fer...

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Not very immersive but just enough to keep you playing. 0

One of the first games to come out for the ps3 truly shows what it's capabilities with it's graphics and physics. Motorstorm includes vehicles of all types that ranges from atvs to mud pluggers and includes various amounts of vehicles to unlock along with new tickets that gain you access to new races. Game gets a little repetetive when you find yourself playing the same tracks over and over again but are rewarding in the end. The terrain is a little tricky to maneuver through but it all depends ...

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Motormstorm is a thrilling package and is graphically stunning. 0

There is no doubt that Evolution Studios has crafted one of the most visually appealing experiences that PS3 owners will enjoy since the system's launch. The game features persistent terrain details: tyres ripping through mud will leave dents and ribs that will remain for the duration of the race, while the collision of vehicles will leave scattered debris. The game truly is a graphical array of photographic textures; sublime cars sprayed with mud and skidding and grinding through races, and the...

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a really good game 0

It was one of the best PS3 racing games i ever played!The AI was lethal!The thing i didnt like about motorstom is that there is absolutely NO chance to win unless u pick rides like:monster truck,big rig or mud plugger!The tracks were awesome but kinda hard to drive on as the amazing jumps mostly ended up with BOOM!!!!!!!Aldo it was entertaining to look at that it was kinda stupid the race would continue while u were was lolish to look race cars being smashed to the fence, they would a...

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A base to improve upon. 0

Motorstorm was one of the very first games to be showcased on the PlayStation 3 and early previews already had gamers foaming at the mouths, then when game footage was released jaws drooped at its absolutely stunning visuals. Even now after months it’s still one of the best looking games around. From the impressive lighting effects and inspiring back drops, right down to the way the mud splatters up onto the screen and deforms the ground right in front of your eyes. Sure there are some horrid-lo...

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Despite little content Motorstorm delivers great graphics and fun 0

Motorstorm is a hard game to review. On one hand it's full of great graphics, and fun gameplay. On the other it lacks features that many of us have come to expect in our racing games. Despite this I still can find a lot to have fun with. Motorstorm is first and foremost an action game. It has some simulation elements, but for the most part its a what-if game. What if you could take a huge semi truck race it against a small motorbike in huge mud filled environments? Motorstorm answers this in wh...

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Motorstorm great Racing game 0

Motorstorm is a different game from all the other games but different in a really good way.Motorstorn is a game that is different but different in a really good way. it's a really good game that you will have fun playing your way throw the single player story line is kind of sloppy and not that good, but the online makes just for it, the online is great and is a whole lot of fun but there is not any offline multiplayer with that said the graphics and sound in the game is fantastic, the visuals o...

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An amazing experience, fun and great graphics. 0

This game holds up well and quite possible has the best graphics on a console to date, including Gears Of War, so thats saying a lot. The single play can get boring extremely fast due to the repeat of all the tracks and everything over and over again but if you just enjoy the racing, tracks, and vehicles then you won't really mind. But I think online play makes up for all of the boring game play in the single player. The sounds are amazing, all the vehicles and mud sounds, sound so crisp and rea...

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Intense Next-gen Racing 0

MotorStorm by evolution studios sold to date: 2.75million and counting Let me start with a huge thanks to evolution studios for making an alternative racer for a new platform which turned out this good. In Motorstorm you'll be racing bikes, quads, rally car, trucks, buggies and anything else you can think of for an off road adventure. All of these car classes have their pros and cons which are evened out nicely on every track. Taking the mud with a bike is usually not such a great idea. especi...

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