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Motormstorm is a thrilling package and is graphically stunning.

There is no doubt that Evolution Studios has crafted one of the most visually appealing experiences that PS3 owners will enjoy since the system's launch. The game features persistent terrain details: tyres ripping through mud will leave dents and ribs that will remain for the duration of the race, while the collision of vehicles will leave scattered debris. The game truly is a graphical array of photographic textures; sublime cars sprayed with mud and skidding and grinding through races, and the way mud splatters onto your first- or third-person view all enhance the overall experience.

What is disappointing about MotorStorm is its shallow singleplayer mode. Not only does it have very little volume, but it is paper thin. The basic idea of the game is high octane racing on a total of 8 tracks to beat your opponents. However's across a race's three laps, you'll struggle to remain in first place the whole way through, but the challenge is trying to find the balance of driving well and finding the right route to take. If you find yourself at the back of the pack, navigating among the perilous and often heightened path to a better route may get you level. The move is risky but it is extremely rewarding if it is done successfully.

MotorStorm also features an impressive soundtrack which is suited perfectly for such a crazy racing game. The fast paced music helps to really get you into the game in such a way that will have your heart racing from the start to the finish of the race. The sound effects are also top notch. Engines roar with such ferocity like they are right beside you. The crashes and collisions also sound terrifyingly real and you really feel the impact of two or more crashing cars.

What can be particularly frustrating about the game is the AI unforgiving aggressive behaviour. Your opponents will bash you around quite a bit and if you collide with something, the respawn feature will rob you of speed which will allow opponents to pass you. This may not be a problem for the majority of gamers, but for casual gamers it can be very frustrating when you're in the lead.

Races are also a very frustrating experience at times. Vehicles can go flying at even the slightest bump, particularly with lighter vehicles which may plague you with failures and constant race restarts. You shouldn't be put off by the relative simplicity of the tracks and modes, nor the general slower pace as MotorStorm's use of physics and technical racing is a spectacle to behold.

MotorStorm is also not a party game when friends are round, especially since it doesn't have split-screen multiplayer. The game does have a pretty good multiplayer mode though, with twelve players able to rave at any one time. The multiplayer is an add-on to a short singleplayer, but it is a fun experience to play with little lag and what seems to be a fairly populous online community.

In conclusion MotorStorm's unpredictable nature is vivid in single-player mode and the online gaming community is downright vicious. Despite its lack of content, MotorStorm offers spectacular visuals, sound and an experience that will thrill you to the very bone.

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