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not your avrage rally game, or is it?

Altough motorstorm bring new expectations to to the table in rally games it's still missed the mark on being a truely brilliant game.NOTE this review dose NOT inclued the extra downloadable content

the tracks are complex and will take a while for you to get to grips with them as you dont get to chose a vehicle and a track instead the developers thoght they would do it for you, as you only have one game mode "motorstorm" which is like a tournement were you get tickets to enter a race in a certain vehicle apart from a few were you can chose what ever vehicle you want there is only one track were you can do this and the other 7 have you forced to play as a certain vehicle type like a bike,car or a truck so forget all that noncence about being able to chose vehicles altough there is a little chose in what type of bike and the colour but that's not enough.

the one other mode is online witch still isnt great because the lobby system seems like a after thoght.
the thing that can be a turn off about this game is that it seems to be a sort of half-assed simulation of an off road rally event witch might sound good on paper but just dosent work out too well.

motorstorm is a very little game as once you finished the one mode witch can be fairly challenging at times still is to short you have an online mode witch is still very easy to get tierd of as at the moment the serves dont seem to be inhabeted by  that many players as they all got bored over a year ago the £40 price tag far to steap but if you find it in a bargin bin for about £15 like i did you'll spend about a week thinkng it's great and after that wont think to much of it but wont feel bad about wasting to much money.

so over all the gameplays fine, the content is lacking a lot,the online is passable and graphic's look good, so this game is almost completly average as the good ballences out the bad. so motorstorm is no revolotion in raceing.

All of thease problems are being sorted out for the sequel so just save your money.


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