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Launch-era hit was short on variety, addictive in its frustrating challenge.

Motorstorm, like launch-window games and new intellectual properties will be, is missing all of the features, options, secrets, and bonus content you come to expect from established franchises and sequels. Finishing a game in time to showcase a new console, paired with developing on that ever-difficult Cell technology, gives reason for most game players to forgive the barren menu screen and bask in the glory of state of the art graphics.

The problem with this specific off road I.P. is that its core gameplay, which revolves around an extraordinarily floaty physics engine, can feel quite broken. Fortunately, never being certain where you'll land off a ramp- or whether your rubbin'-is-racin' policy will work or wipe you out- adds an addictive "trials" quality to Motorstorm. Its almost like a web browser game you know isn't all too great but won't click away from until you finally get it right. With the right vehicle (Motorstorm's variety of vehicle types and routes to finish courses are whats best about it) you may be able to have a decent thrill, for those first two laps, but alas, watch out for the rock formation that SO looked like a ramp moments before the finish line, or lose another seven minutes of your life.

Years later, where it can be found for under $5, Motorstorm may do the trick of killing time on a weekend afternoon with friends, a simple game any buddy could pick up and win to break up the time between other titles in your lazy Sunday marathon. The PS3's Mario Kart 64.

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