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Intense Next-gen Racing

by evolution studios
sold to date: 2.75million and counting

Let me start with a huge thanks to evolution studios for making an alternative racer for a new platform which turned out this good.
In Motorstorm you'll be racing bikes, quads, rally car, trucks, buggies and anything else you can think of for an off road adventure. All of these car classes have their pros and cons which are evened out nicely on every track.
Taking the mud with a bike is usually not such a great idea. especially with 4 trucks and one pissed of wagon behind you.

The game also feature some of the most crazy and intense circuits ever in a racer. Combine that with nutcase, non laggy opponents online and you've got your self one hell of a show.

The game misses a split screen feature which is a bit of a bummer but you can overlook it with real time track deformation and insane crashes. you'll be spending a couple of hours doing burnouts and donuts in the mudpool circuit and trying to jump a racing truck through the grasshopper level and sometimes you'll notice your R2 trigger giving way because your crushing the controller. That's about how intense it gets.
But have not fear SONY controllers will last at least 300hours of motorstorm. lol

all in all, if you like your racers and your connected to PSN this is a very nice pickup.
Speaking of pick up, this will only be about $30 now. So go figure.

Graphics: 9.0
Sound: 8.8
Gameplay: 9.4
Story: N/A
Presentation: 8.6

Overall: 8.9


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