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Motorstorm reveiw


Storyline –NA / 10

Unfortunately this title does not have an official story line.

Game play-

v  Single player – 8.9/10

Starting off on motorstorm there are stages / events called ‘tickets’, as a gamer this gives the feel that you are more involved in the race e.c.t.  Within these ‘tickets’ there are up to four challenges that you have to accomplish within certain vehicle choices that the event has to offer which could include vehicles from the pee-sized motor bikes up to the ferocious lorries, which are a pain to get passed if you’re not in one.  For those of you that like short games this will be a blast of only 21 ticket, now for the long term gamers, times that by four that how many you will have to come first in.

Now onto vehicle selection, for example: If you are in a bike event; you will have a selection of three or four bikes, which can be chosen by using the left and right arrows.  Now you have selected the vehicle you desire to ride in / on, you can choose an integrated colour scheme, yet again, you will only have the choice of three or four different colour schemes.  After clicking the (X) button, for some reason you will have to wait for an unreasonably long time. 

Here we go, at the starting line: 3, 2,1 – GO (R2), from that word and dependant of the race – event – ticket, you will have to wait for about five seconds until you can use the booooooost, unfortunately for those of you whom are ‘trigger-happy’, boosting is a bad thing.  Your boost, dependant on vehicle, will quickly / gradually increase from white to yellow, yellow to orange, orange to danger, when the boost bar (in the bottom left-hand corner of the screen) goes onto the maximum it is only time before you EXPLODE!  Yes it will give you hints that you are on red because the boost bar flashes, vibrates and you hear this really annoying beeping sound, but apart from that it is all good (Smiley face).

For the track you will need to be on the edge of your seat as you need to watch every decision you make because there is not one way that you can go like normal racing games, GT, and if the wrong decision is made then you will faces the wrath of motorstorm.

v  Multi-player – N/A / 10

I think that Evolution Studios did not put in a slip screen because they couldn’t afford to keep it back, but hopefully they will have redeemed themselves with this feature in Motorstorm 2.


I cannot review this part of the game because we do not have PSN (Playstation network – online gaming).  Even though I do not have it, I have read and heard that it is very good, and has very ‘little lag’

Graphics – 9.9/10

A new technological gaming era has arrived, Evolution Studios have found the golden treasure – bomb shell with this game – There is no doubt that Evolution Studios has crafted one of the most visually appealing experiences that PS3 owners will enjoy since the system's launch.  The game features a persistency in terrain details: tyres ripping through mud will leave dents and ribs that will remain for the duration of the race, while the collision of vehicles will leave scattered debris.  The game truly is a graphical array of photographic textures; sublime cars sprayed with mud and skidding and grinding through races, and the way mud splatters onto your first- or third-person view all enhance the overall experience.’  This quote sells the game to me.  If you do not have a HDTV, get one because without it you will only get dripped on compared to the storm that it will unleash with one.  Not forgetting the insanity of the cut-screens when you crash, go off the edge, get crushed by bigger vehicles and EXPLOSIONS!  From using up to much boost.

Sound – 8.5

Not really paying much attention to the music because of too much concentration.  The same as the graphics, Evolution Studios have really studied their stuff; down to each nuck-an-cranny, scrap, scrape, colision and slice.

Conclusion– 9.1 (Average of available ratings)

Wrapping everything up isn’t what comes naturally to me, but all in all, Motorstorm is a F***ing excellent game, even if you have got friends round taking it in turns makes this games more of an experience.  If you own or have access to a PS3, but never taken a whiff of this game BUY IT!!!  And if you don’t I’ll get ninjas to come kill you, okay?  (Smiley face)


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