What do you do now?!

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Ive played the game for about 8 hours according to steam, im level 9 with a army ranging from 50-60 guys at all times. my question is.....




rebels and such have too small of armies, yet the factions armies are all around 130-1000!?! missions and caravan quests give way too little money and i am starting to struggle to pay for my army. I owould start razing small towns but i have people in my army who are "noble" or "honorable" (lame) so thats not an option. sooo....


How do i become king? 

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@ATTILAtheFUN: Start a storyline quest, just take on a special mission with one of the lords. I think the Russian one lets you overthrow the tsar. 

Im in the same boat though, I messed up my faction storyline and got locked out of that. 
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so i sometimes do the special missions, but do none of them have seemed to be that "special" other than i little more creative. But if what you say is true then it does sound like they are more than that. So they do lead to story quests?
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I just want to know can i pay for volunteer in villages  like in the past to mount and blade parts?

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