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    Movement Penalty

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    Penalties to movement speed. How far/fast the player can walk. This may depend upon difficult terrain and what type of gear is being carried.

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    A decrease in the rate of a character's movement, usually related to what the character is carrying or doing. Such penalties are sometimes implemented for realism; for example, slowing down a character that is carrying a a heavy load of equipment. However, a movement penalty can also be used for balance reasons. A heavier, more powerful weapon may carry the trade-off of also making the player slower or less agile.

    Common Elements that May Impose Penalties

    • Wielding a heavy weapon such as a rocket launcher or a minigun.
    • Carrying an inventory load that is close to or over a weight limit.
    • Carrying or moving a corpse, crate, or other environmental objects.
    • Using a weapon's scope or sights.
    • Climbing a ladder.
    • Moving over certain types of terrain, such as water or sand.
    • In some older games, simply moving will deplete a food count; running out will result in an inability to move.

    Common Penalties

    • Reduction of the player's run speed or removing the ability to run or sprint. In more extreme cases, the player character may not be able to move at all.
    • Not allowing the player to use a weapon while moving.
    • Faster depletion of a stamina meter.
    • Reduced or removed jumping ability.
    • In turn-based games, the number of spaces a unit can move may be reduced.

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