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    Moya Jones

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    Moya Jones is an FBI agent that wishes to obtain the Ray Sphere.

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    First met in a cutscene after he tried to escape, Moya convinces Cole MacGrath to return to Empire City in order to look for the Ray Sphere and her husband, fellow FBI Agent John White (she taps his phone to insure this), in exchange for his safe passage out of the city and its quarantine. However, in later parts of the game, it is discovered that John is actually an NSA agent, and he's not only not married, he's never heard of an Agent Moya Jones. When Cole contacts her next, she concedes that she lied in order to appear sympathetic and get Cole to help her out. Cole breaks off the deal and this results in the country's military preparing for a full ground invasion, as Moya was unable to control the situation in Empire City. However, the military never does invade Empire City. 
    Despite Moya's importance to the plot of the original game, she is never once mentioned in inFamous 2, and because of the nature of the endings of that game, it seems likely that her plot hole will never be addressed.
    In the first issue of the inFamous comic book that comes with the Hero Edition of inFamous 2, it is revealed that Moya worked with Kessler for a time while the Ray Sphere was being created.


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