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    MP-443 Grach

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    The latest Russian standard military-issue pistol.

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    The MP-443 Grach is a Russian-made pistol, that appears frequently in modern shooters involving the Russian Federation. The pistol has been in service in Russia since 2003, so it is relatively new. The Grach was designed by Vladimir Yarygin, and features a method for reducing recoil that has appeared in the Glock pistol family as well.  Has ambidextrous safety.
    Cartridge: 9 x 19mm
    Magazine capacity: 17
    Weight, empty: 0,95 kg 
    Sighting range: 50 m  
    Designed to penetrate flak vest wearing personnel and soft skin material.

    Game Appearances

     The MP-443 Grach, as it appears in Bad Company 2.
     The MP-443 Grach, as it appears in Bad Company 2.

    Battlefield: Bad Company 2

    The MP-443 Grach is available in Bad Company 2 as a mulitplayer unlock, and also the campaign. The Grach deals an average amount of damage, with a magazine size of 15 rounds. The main advantage over the other pistols is that the Grach has the second highest rate of fire, without the same damage limitation of the M93 Raffica. However, the Grach is simply outshined by the M1911 and the MP-412 REX handguns, and is generally not extremely popular online.

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