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    Mr. Big

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    Mr. Big is a henchman for the boss of South Town, Geese Howard. He has also made several appearances in King of Fighters series. He first appeared in Art of Fighting.

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    Mr. Big was once the boss of South Town until a young Geese Howard overthrew him. Seeing the potiential in the man he spared Mr. Big and the mobster rose through the ranks of the new King of South Town.

    As the right hand man for Geese, Mr. Big ran things when his boss was out of town and forced Takamu Sakazaki to become muscle for Geese Howard. When Takamu (as Mr. Karate) began to become disillusioned with the work Mr. Big kidnapped his young daughter Yuri Sakazaki. What the thug could not have forseen was that Takamu's son and student, Ryo Sakazaki & Robert Garcia would tear through South Town and Geese's henchmen and Mr. Big himself until they rescued the young girl. The duo came face to face with Mr. Karate and after a fierce battle, it was revealed that Mr. Karate was Takamu.

    The following year Geese arranged the first King of Fighters tournement. Mr. Big entered the tournement hoping to defeat the Sakazaki's & Robert Garcia so that he could face off against Geese Howard and reclaim control of South Town. However he was defeated by Ryo Sakazaki again.

    Fighting Style

    Mr. Big is an Eskrima stylist and uses these sticks with great mastery.


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