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    Mr. Blonde

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    The main antagonist in the original Perfect Dark.

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    The main antagonist in Perfect Dark, known only as Mr. Blonde.  He appears as a tall, blonde character dressed in a full length white jacket. 
    Mr. Blonde is the man behind the curtain in Perfect Dark, and the brains of the sinister operation to unearth the Cetan megaweapon.  He hold much technology, and instructs Cassandra de Vries and Trent Easton to do his bidding. 
    Throughout the game Mr. Blonde himself only appears in cutscenes, although in the Carrington Institute level there are many Blonde models attack Joanna, armed with K7 Avengers. 
    For completing the game on Agent difficulty, players would unlock a Special Mission called "Mr. Blondes Revenge", in which they take control of Mr. Blonde in the dataDyne building (the level used for mission 1.1 and 1.3), and must work their way to the top of the building and escort Cassadra to the roof to complete the mission.  This special mission actually takes place at aproximately the same time as mission 1.3, as the mission complete cut-scene for escorting Cassandra is the same one as used for mission 1.3. 
    It is discovered late in the game that Mr. Blonde is not human, and is in fact a large Skedar hidden behind some form of cloaking device which makes him appear human. From his size cut-scene when he uncloaks he may be the skedar king; the final boss of the game; this would seem to be backed up by the fact that he is the one in charge, however there is no conclusive proof of such.


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