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National Pokedex No: #122

Classification: Barrier Pokémon

Type: Psychic

Ability: Soundproof, Technician (Dream World only)

Height: 4'03''

Weight: 120.1 lbs


Trade Abra on Route 2 ( Red, Blue)

Trade Clefairy on Route 2 ( Yellow)

Route 21, Celadon Game Corner ( Gold, Silver)

Route 21 ( Crystal)

Trade Abra on Route 2 ( Fire Red, Leaf Green)

Citadark Isle ( XD: Gale of Darkness)

Routes 218 and 222 ( Diamond)

Route 218 ( Platinum)

Evolves at: n/a

Evolutionary Chain

Mime Jr. (level up while knowing Mimic) --> Mr. Mime

Additional Notes and Trivia

  • Despite the gender-specific name, Mr. Mime can be caught as a male or female Pokemon. This is because the original Japanese name for this Pokemon was Barrierd, and at the time of translation Nintendo of America didn't know Game Freak had plans to introduce genders into the future Pokemon games.
  • Mr. Mime originally had four digits on each hand, but a fifth was introduced in Fire Red and Leaf Green versions. The Pokemon anime has always depicted Mr. Mime with five digits on each hand, however.

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