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Mr. Zurkon is a weapon in the Ratchet & Clank series. In the game Ratchet & Clank Future: A Crack in Time, he will become Zurkon The Destroyer when he reaches level 5.

Mr. Zurkon One Liners

Mr. Zurkon will assist you with his weapons, but will also beat enemies down with his endless supply of trash talk. Here are the better lines:

  •  "Mr. Zurkon enjoys a good boogie" (after using the Groovitron)
  •  "Mr. Zurkon is so ashamed." (when falling to your death)
  •  "Killing stuff is so much fun, do-da do-da! Zurkon kills stuff all day long, all the do-da-day!" 
  •  "Death is too stupid for Mr. Zurkon." 
  •  "Are you ready to die? Because Mr. Zurkon is ready to kill." 
  •  "Why do you hide, stupid aliens? Mr. Zurkon only wishes to kill you." 
  •  "I shall let you live little alien...psych! Mr. Zurkon lives only to kill." 
  •  "Mr. Zurkon does NOT come in peace!" 
  •  "Ha! Mr. Zurkon requires no nanotech to survive, Mr. Zurkon lives on fear!"  
  •  "You are the disease and Mr. Zurkon is the cure" 
  •  "Mr. Zurkon is inadequate for this mission.......just kidding." 

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