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    Ms. Fortune

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    A pun-loving cat burglar, Ms. Fortune is a feline humanoid of the undead persuasion.

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    The last surviving member of the Fishbone Gang, whose last mission ended in tragedy: a failed attempt to steal the mysterious Life Gem from Lorenzo Medici resulted in their grisly deaths. Before meeting her own doom, Ms. Fortune swallowed the Life Gem and managed to digest it. She awoke on the ocean floor amongst the diced up remains of her friends.

    Ms. Fortune is a hybrid "rushdown" and "puppet" character. She can detach her head and control it independently from her body, and many of her attacks function differently depending on whether or not her head is currently attached.

    Ms. Fortune is voiced by Kimlinh Tran.


    The story begins in Little Innsmouth, where two members of the Medici Mafia are harassing, Minette, the Dagonian waitress at a café, Ms. Fortune intervenes and is decapitated for her trouble, she then uses her head an body to attack both men at the same time. Having overheard the two men mention that the new Skullgirl is apparently targeting members of the Medici Mafia, Ms. Fortune decides it's time to make her move to obtain the Skull Heart and wish for her friends to be brought back to life. This leads her to Valentine who is able to determine from her scars that she should be dead, thus something must be keeping her alive. As the two fight, Double interrupts saying that the Skullgirl has requested Valentine's presence at the cathedral.

    Ms. Fortune follows the two of them to the cathedral and after defeating both in a single fight, comes face to face with the Skullgirl - Bloody Marie. Marie knows what Ms. Fortune is after, and warns her that wishes of vengeance rarely turn out well for the person who wishes it, she also mentions that her wish was similar to Ms. Fortune's. The two fight regardless, and Ms. Fortune is victorious. When presented with the Skullheart, Ms. Fortune realises that no matter how terrible the murder of her friends was, it made her who she is, and to change it would be wrong. She also realises that the Skull Heart exists to tempt people into doing the wrong thing, and so she destroys it.

    On her return to Little Innsmouth, Ms. Fortune discovers that Minette has been kidnapped, along with the rest of the River King's other daughters and some others too. Irwin, a private detective, makes himself known to Ms. Fortune and postulates that due to all the Mafia sightings and that it fits with their modus operandi, the Medici's must be behind the kidnappings. Ms. Fortune, realising that she cannot bear to lose another family, teams up with Irwin and the two go off in search of the kidnapped Dagonians.


    • Despite her feline nature, Ms. Fortune is fond of small dogs.
    • Her name is (maybe obviously) a play on the word "misfortune", which is appropriate considering her own love of puns.
    • Ms. Fortune is meant to be the Skullgirls universe's equivalent of Latino.
    • Many of her alternate color pallets are reference to characters that are either headless, or ones that have been beheaded at some point.
    • Ms. Fortune's likes include: Making friends, Sunlit naps, Volleyball, Bowling, Golf, Parkour, Subjecting others to terrible puns, Yu-wan's restaurant, Dim Sum, The Fishbone Gang, Robbing from rich, Giving to poor, Potato chips
    • Ms. Fortune's dislikes include: The Medici Mafia, Black Dahlia, Sushi, Cops, Bullies, Marsupials, Loud noises, Lemonade

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