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Ms. Mowz is a very unique character, being the only optional partner in Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door. Ms. Mowz serves as the owner of the Badge Shop in Rogueport, but in her spare time she dresses up and travels around the world, stealing valuable badges. She and Mario encounter each other several times before she is made an available character. One of the possible side quests has you working for Ms. Mowz, where she anonymously asks you to track down a valuable badge. After you return it to her, she reveals that she had hidden it herself to test you, then shortly after joins your party. In the field, Ms. Mowz can sense if there are any items in the local area, hidden or not. In battle, Ms. Mowz fights with her Love Slap, which penetrates defense,  and Kiss Thief attack, an ability that allows you to steal an item or badge from an enemy. Later you can unlock Tease, a move that attempts to make all enimes dizzy, and Smooch, which gives Mario 10 hit points.

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