The Secret To Her Gab?

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I'm not sure if anyone has made this connection yet. And it may just be a weird coincidence, but I think I know why she has a large vocabulary that comes from songs. In the opening movie when they are partying (with the radio on) a girl is heard singing something when the booze spills on the machinery. Then the sound is distorted and out pops a female splosion man, or Ms. Splosion Man if you will.  Which made me believe that she is supposed to be radio energy, but that still doesn't explain the movie quotes. Radio commercials for movies?
Thought that was interesting, it could be nothing, but if it is... AHA!

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Interesting thought. I'm pretty sure it was just playing on female stereotypes, as well as poking fun at the fact that their audiance is primarily male. Why? I have no idea. I understand why girls don't tend to play football, their bodies are built in such a way that football would be very dangerous (hell, MEN'S bodies are built in such a way that football is dangerous). There's no reason girls shouldn't play video games, but they generally don't. The exceptions are awesome (particularly when they're attractive and promiscuous), but MSM pokes fun at femininity a tad =D.

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