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    Mt. Battle

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    Mt. Battle is the ultimate test for trainers in Pokemon Colosseum and XD: Gale of Darkness. 100 trainers stand on this mountain waiting to be defeated by the player.

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    Mt. battle is located at the most northern part of the Orre region. It is considered by many in the area to be the ultimate test of endurance for a trainer as it requires them to defeat 100 other trainers as they make their way to the top. The first floor of Mt. Battle is a lobby that features the classic Poke-center, a vendor, and a move deleter, there are also various trainers Wes or Michael can challenge right outside the lobby who want to see if they are ready for the endurance test ahead of them. In Pokemon Colosseum Wes and Rui first discover Mt. Battle from an urgent email that is sent to Wes informing him that the area had been hijacked and taken over by Team Cipher, however, Wes defeats the Cipher members inside and the rightful owners take back the mountain.


    Wes standing on trainer platform 29 in Mt. Battle 
    Wes standing on trainer platform 29 in Mt. Battle 
    Mt. Battle is structured in a gauntlet-like style requiring a trainer to fight 10 other trainers in a row without stopping. If the player can defeat the 10 they will have the option to change their party if they desire or use a friendly Abra to save their progress and transport them out so they can continue where they left off next time they return. If a trainer is defeated at any time they can re-challenge the person who defeated them if they have collected any extra continues which are obtained by meeting different goals. If they have no extra continues they will be disqualified and must restart from the first trainer. Players who defeat all 100 opponents earn Poke-coupons that can be spent on hard to find items. 

    Pokemon Colosseum

    Along with being a location in Orre Mt. Battle is the name of a game mode outside of the story mode portion of Colosseum. It uses the same layout and trainers as the story mode version, however, has more flexible options. The player can choose to play through it in single battles instead of double battles and instead of Pokemon scaling levels as they do in story mode the player can pick either a 50 or 100 level cap. In addition to this the player can upload Pokemon data from any of the main series Pokemon Game Boy Advance games and use those Pokemon to challenge the 100 trainers. If doing this the playable character will also transform into a 3D representation of Brendan or May from Pokemon Ruby, Sapphire, and Emerald
    Exclusive to Pokemon Colosseum is also the chance to capture Ho-oh the mascot of Pokemon Gold and HeartGold. The player must defeat all 100 enemies in the game mode of Mt. Battle, however, must use their team from story mode. If these conditions are met the next time the player goes to their PC in story mode Ho-oh will appear in an empty box. Ho-oh can only be obtained once per save file. 

    Pokemon XD: Gale of Darkness

    The Mt. Battle found in Pokemon XD: Gale of Darkness is very similar to the one found inside story mode of Colosseum as it requires double battles and enemy Pokemon levels scale. However, instead of Ho-oh, if the player defeats all 100 trainers in Gale of Darkness they have the option to pick a level 5 Chikorita, Cyndaquil, or Totodile, the original 3 starter Pokemon from the second generation of Pokemon games. The player can clear the 100 trainers multiple times to collect all three of the starters, however, much like Ho-oh in Colosseum they can only obtain each individual Pokemon once per save file.

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