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    A peaceful race of friendly and somewhat clumsy bipeds native to Oddworld, the Mudokons were forced to abandon their ancient shamanistic traditions after being enslaved by the profit-hungry Glukkons.

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    The Mudokons are a fictional race featured in the Oddworld franchise. Peaceful by nature, Mudokons had managed to found a shamanistic civilization on the continent of Mudon before being subjugated by another sentient race, the Glukkons.

    Most modern Mudokons are forced to work in dangerous factories owned by the Magog Cartel, a Glukkon consortium of profit-hungry robber barons. Oppressed and leaderless, the pitiful Mudokons toil until their deaths, which happen often at the hands of the ill-tempered Slig security forces assigned to monitor them.

    Eventually the need for raw materials grows so desperate at RuptureFarms, the premiere supplier of meat-based food products on Oddworld, that company boss Molluck authorizes the mass-production of "Mudokon Pops," a new food item made from Mudokon meat.

    Bones excavated from the ancient Mudokon necropolis of Necrum serve as one of the primary ingredients in SoulStorm Brew, a popular and addictive beverage that sickens any living Mudokons who drink it.

    Numerous ancient temples and other structures built by the Mudokons' ancestors still stand as monuments to their once-great culture. Free Mudokons often gather near these places, sometimes forming makeshift communities while also desperately trying to avoid capture by roving Slig squads.


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